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  1. Could anyone please share the way to do what you described?
  2. Could you please share how did you hack it? I`ve tried to search by float (fuzzy) but no luck
  3. I mean the rewards you get every day on hourly basis like silver 5k, 20k, full energy, white potion and arena coins
  4. try searching by unknown value and decrease the number of results each time you get damage. I`ve managed to make it work with hp, but as it was said here before - it doesn`t allow you to win the battle, disconnects right after it`s finished. The only thing I`ve found completely working is a speedhack for daily rewards Though it doesn`t work for weekly rewards
  5. Looks like everything mentioned above has been fixed. Please post here if anybody found anything.
  6. Please post here if anybody could change anything using GG in DH5. I`ve tried all the mentioned options but looks like they fixed those wholes.
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