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  1. wich value ? I change it to 250... Ye works
  2. i just installed a previous version from here (hope its save) http://fontapk.com/down_Mage-And-Minions.7692849_fontapk.html and do the steps here in the thread and do it like him with the rang search... after that i update the game and create an account.. yo ahh and i freez the value for forst time buyd so much as i can (i dont have patient xD) i think my 56k gems and gold will be enough to have a nice game experience.
  3. hope they find the thread ;D and it helps them like me
  4. babica write a simple tutorial, how to make it and post it cuse there asking again sme question wich i did maby it helps others too to find it .
  5. Ahh sad -.- i will make a loop with repetitouch for the waypoints so play only one wp and the auto bot is doing the rest and ur sure till wp 60 iget ban? i would collect about 350 diamonds and whats about the dream portal can i do it ? And what u think about the game order and chaos 2 ? Is it worth ? do u know something about a hack of it ?
  6. im gelous -.-* give me ur items XD!! okay dokay and how do u have so much diamonds any trick or u collectet them hardly ? Waypoints is single solution to get fast diamonds right ? but reaching those highwaypoints to get diamonds is hard-.-" they will reset evrytime right ? and tell me pls wich stuff in pic i keep or sell lel
  7. ahh to late i did the full story in 6 hours on all dificultys and openend chests with the diamonds. i have to be very carfully cuse i was asking something in chat and on my profile they could see im cheating i changed fast and w8 a bit all fine. its problematic with the armor i cant evolve it to 6 stars -.-* i have to open chests and on chat they told me i cant evolve weapons to next star i neeed direct 6 star -.-* cuse i want to collect very good armor with double blade properties and use only double blade but in wiki it writes double blades cant be evolved -.-******* but here he is evolving i dont understand now whats right and not -.-Ü or cuse its old version i have 121 tickets 1.8 M gold and 600k quartz for first im save ahh maby u have space for me in ur group would be funny together with an friend who cheats (undercover) xD!!!! and u can teach me a bit.
  8. so the plan is doing waypoint till 59 often times to collect items and diamonds (in what i invest the diaomonsd ?inventory slots ?, and i will sell evrything till i got 6 star amor and weapons with properties then ill craft them right ? any tips ? anyway i cant thank you enough !!!
  9. i collect the sunray armor with double blade propertie in mission 2 with the crossbow on easy i search with GG value 102 (float) and change all to 99999999 and this is it. u cant change all cuse we dont know all the item ids.
  10. i thank you so much ! you made my day but how i know wich value is for the crossbow ? anyway i will change other weapon if i meet those reflecting for now i run through the game collectin diaomons and farm all stuff to get best weapons ! muhahah im the king of the world !!
  11. i changed the values from 102 to 99999999 and then i get a new 6 star armor nature ahh and the crossbow changed too the values too endless lol
  12. lol dude i get the armor with dual blade propertie in one mission wtf the luck is on my side ! so now i change like u write before .. i will when i finish the game cuse it sucks so hard that i spend money and cant complete the game i will figure that out how to get the ids -.-* ahh im so happy it worked btw i change the values and become a new 6 star darkness armor and a other low armor idk why
  13. nah i dont do stronghold till im not fully equipment but what ,mean with dual blade ? like the id value is connected with the weapon and armor ? so i need spezific dual blades or i can use any dual blades ? ahh i checked the armor has to have the propertie i see now on ur screenshot soo i try the mission 1000 times till i get the armor with that propertie btw im downloading now the game for windows and try out what u tellin me but it seems very hard to find same values for my phone -.-* and when i have find the value i have it to change evry time i enter the game ?
  14. or will it help just change the value for the armor only so im in god mod and finish the game fast i will coollect the weapon in time
  15. thank u very much ! ill try that out ! btw this in my inventory 1.so i go to the lower missions and collect fast with bounty tickets some 3 star amor ? 2. then i search the id and change the value wich is found to 99999999 and hope its working ahh the sunray armor is found in mission 2 so i have good chance to get it fast !
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