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  1. Personally I've been trying to mess around with unrandomizer to help with the shocking drop rates of epics and legendaries, not making much progress at the moment though...
  2. Oh wow I see! Thanks heaps that was very clear and I think I can make a start from that, thanks for your help!
  3. I looked at the video and that looks super promising, how did he find the values needed to get it started? Where would I start?
  4. Can this be altered to affect drop chances in online games with loot boxes? So that you get an amazing drop every time?
  5. It would, but I wouldn't recommend going too crazy on it, I think the devs would notice a 3 star character doing 500m damage to the nightmare clan boss hahahaha
  6. Anyone have experience being able to alter the drop chances of certain things in loot boxes? As an example say there is only a 0.05% chance of the only good thing dropping, is there a way to alter that to 100% might differ from game to game but just fishing for info
  7. @Philj56 gems would be server sided so unlikely, I think we might be able to get a in battle value changer but no currency changes
  8. @NoFear hey mate, just curious about if you have any knowledge on altering "probabilities" on orbs, basically loot boxes, just to make as an example whichever drop is 0.05% and make that 100%? Might not even be possible but just thought I'd check in, cheers
  9. Awesome, thanks man! At least now we know you've seen it as well
  10. Same issue I am having
  11. Could always ask NoFear if he will have a look, he's done some miracles in the past
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