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  1. Some One Know How To Do Global Chat In Game Guardian?
  2. How to fix this? local d = gg.prompt({M='input value'},nil,{'number'}) if val == nil then gg.toast('Nothing Selected') end gg.getResults(1710) gg.editAll(d[1],gg.TYPE_DWORD) gg.toast('Done') gg.setVisible(false) end
  3. jetzgt

    Pls Help

    How Open any apps or link in lua Script for game guardian? Pls Don't Ignore
  4. jetzgt

    Pls Help

    Are Thats Wrong?
  5. jetzgt

    Pls Help

    How to Open Link In Game Guardian Itrying Like this But Not Work gg.goURL("http://www.Youtube.com") But Not Work Anyone Pls Help!!
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