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  1. I beleive the game has been updated. All of the old scripts do not work as now the addresses have changed from being 7 or 8 letters long to 10 letters long so i can only do a qword pointer search, not dword. Can someone find out how to hack this game plz.
  2. Is it still possible to hack this game as the values have changed.
  3. The thing I cant understand is that I got the dword pointer before and got it to work.
  4. For some reason i can no longer do dword pointer searched, only qword. Plz help
  5. Well i used to be able to do a dword pointer search. In the video the guy hasnt done any of the stuff u are talking about but i only get qword. Ill give u the vid if u wouldnt mind pointing out what i have done wrong.skip to 10:25.
  6. I was just wondering how to change the pointer search type from qword to dword. I was following a tutorial on youtube and when they click the value they get dword whereas I get qword plz help.
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