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    Game Guardian is the best apk for hack the game. Unfortunate it has one drawback sorry to say that. I can't control my self when I found it. GG 82.1 apk is working with most of the online apps, but its having a drawback which is unfortunate for us. I tried this "GG" for LOCO app. LOCO app is online game plantfor for so many games. When I search a specific value in the search field of the "GG" it showing the result's more than 1 record. After the I searched some other value with "REFINE" button clicked. Then it showing that, "No results found" actually the searched value is present in the scoring board. I tried all the possible ways, still no results. Can you please guys help me on this. Below you can find the attachments 1. LOCO game app "LOCO ARENA" we can find it in app store 2. select the game "GUNS & BOTTLES" 3. I scored 24 and searched it 4. I got the results with 24 more than 1, which is expected 5. Again I scored 39 6. In search box of "GG" entered the value and clicked on "Refine" 7. No results found. Can you please me to solve this issue. Thanks and Advance.
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