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  1. it's encrypted. you can not do normal searches and expect the changes to work. ONLY a working script that encrypts the results we want will work.
  2. Unfortunately no one has the willingness or ability to release an updated LUA script for the latest version. I don't have an account so no one can help me. nor would I share my account data with anyone even if I did. really sucks.
  3. Hey drok do you have a working script?
  4. Anyone have an idea of where I can go to get this done? Please and thank you.
  5. Ok I've got thirty USD to give to whomever can assist me with this. please message me.
  6. is no one interested in working on this? I will contribute 20 bucks on a bounty toward whomever updates the LUA script to work with 1.4.9 anyone else willing to do so?
  7. I don't use facebook or any other social media. Anyone else able to assist me with this? Please message me and I will send you my email address.
  8. I will pay anyone who makes or has a working LUA script for 1.4.9 twenty bucks to your paypal account. If i have to pay I sure as hell am not giving a single red cent to Making Fun, Inc. pay to play should be illegal, IMO. P.S. I have ZERO interest in playing online/multiplayer.
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