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  1. To all of masters here in GG please make some script for clash of clans. Like Instant troops training, Dead base search, Instant upgrade, Max resource on collectors, Speedhack.
  2. GraveCobra


    How can I know what DWORD to search? Example: gg.searchNumber("523533590", gg.TYPE_DWORD) How can I know what is 523533590 in easy way to understand? Thank you in advance
  3. Is it possible to make script for magic wheel in Mobile Legends? where you can get prizes you pick on the choices in script?
  4. GraveCobra


    Hello, Guys My PUBG is crashing when opening in Parallel Space. What to do?
  5. @maulz How can i get the values of minimap?
  6. What should I do, radar works but the game is crashing?
  7. What is the keyword for radar hack in mobile legend? Never mind xD just found it
  8. Thank you so much!
  9. Then save as LUA?
  10. Thank you, so what tools i need to edit or make scripts?
  11. How to download?
  12. I wanted to make radar script on new update in mobile legends, may i know what values to search?
  13. Hi, I'm New here, 22yrs old, PH. I want to learn on making script in mobile legends, Hope we can all work together :))
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