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    Pubg doesn't work unless you have rooted device I have tried every cloning app not one works either crashes or closes or instant ban
  2. @TopGEOYT sorry for being a pain am I still missing some code as still getting error http://imgur.com/gallery/vJ45Csx
  3. print('Script Encryptor Made By Top GEO') function encodes(key,code) return (code:gsub('..', function (h) return string.char((tonumber(h,16)+256-13 - key + 999999*256)%256) end)) end local v_value=gg.prompt({'Enter password:'},{[2201]=2201},{[2201]='number'}) if v_value == nil then gg.toast ('Script Canceled') os.exit() end Have that at top of script but any password is still opening the script
  4. Only works in bot matches not ranked
  5. Using this script but nothing seems to happen once I click on a option on the script like the free packs for example it goes to load it gets too 100% then nothing happens
  6. Cicada

    Help please

    Also keep getting this error on every app I try to use? I have hacked critcal ops before with out root but GG saying I need root to hack every single game I select
  7. Cicada

    Help please

    Hi there I have the huawei p20 Pro and can't get the bootloader unlock code so I can't root my device does anyone know what I can do to be able to root it. Also trying GG without rooted device pubg closes all the time on boot does anyone know why Am using virtual space
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