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  1. Got transferred to naughty island I think. I can't search any other legit clubs on Facebook. Any way to get back to normal server?
    It's crashing for me when I try to return to achievements after script runs successfully. Any settings I should change?
  2. Do this after selecting the game and before executing the script.
  3. Woah that did the trick man..... didn't crash after doing that. Will keep testing. Thanks a lot for the help man.
  4. Sad that 625 sd is not supported :c cuz all other scripts are crashing
  5. Yes 73.7...was using XGAME script by JOCKERHOCK...and no issues at all since I have started using it. It's just yesterday evening that most of scripts are crashing for everyone.
  6. Alright will try. Hopefully it fixes. Cuz it's just not me. All my friends facing the same. Which script are you using by the way?
  7. Most of the scripts are patched yesterday I think. Can't find any scripts which can bypass the new system.
  8. Same here. Tried a few other scripts. All are crashing. I think they are patched. Everything was fine for me too till yesterday evening.
  9. Same here. Tried a few other scripts. All are crashing. I think they are patched.
  10. I don't know what is logcat but the picture above is from 73.4 ......In 73.2 it's fully green including clothes.... that's one difference and wall hack doesn't work on new versions.
  11. Same. I was using the script by JOCKERHOCK for pubgm in 73.2 and it was perfect. But in 73.3 and 73.4 wallhack doesn't work anymore and bodycolor too is like only half visible cuz clothes will block it...so it's just that gg app new versions are doing something to the script.
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