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  1. Hey, I have selected video memory range also but not working . Can u make a video tutorial on that so it will be easy 4 me!
  2. What is the solution, what memory range should I select so it works fine .
  3. Please tell me what I'm doing wrong in setting , I'm using latest version of game guardian and see the given video in link ! https://youtu.be/__2STK51WTA
    Please update your script it is not working with current updated GG. SEE IN THE ATTACHMENT . THANKS.
    Nice work dude love it , script works perfectly. . . No ban I used all option of the scripts.
  4. Hi, Guys Using a script earlier now it gives Message that script Expired. And I'm not expertise in coding but developer of that script injected some kind of code in that, this is the reason of that Message. I want to say that script is there , code is in the script and it was working earlier but now why it gives Message that script Expired. I'm attaching that script please can anyone help in this. Not my script credit goes to DROIDTAMVAN. SAMPM_V1.6.lua
  5. Dude here is mine check the video ! Just created for u might help u!
  6. Hi, I used your attached script and my account is ban when I'm using color hack. So I thought , I let u know that ?
  7. Thank u so much ,it work now doesn't crash now , Cheers keep hacking ?
  8. Thanks for quick response, Yes in GG ptrace is off as it show in screenshot , I'm not able to understand how to check root status that is perfectly hidden or not , please explain in detailed. ? By the way I'm using 625 chipset ?.
  9. Hi, Done as u said . But game crash when I use color or wallhack. Thanks. Is it possible can u send me your script I would like to see if that works ? That will be a great help!
  10. MI A1 _______________________________________________ added 1 minute later Yes bro exactly. Same problem I don't know why ?
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