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  1. No longer working [added 1 minute later] ARE THERE OTHER SCRIPTS OUT THERE WE CAN USE WHILE PZ FIXES ISSUE?
  2. How do i get unbanned ... There has to be a way ... I will pay if you can unban my account... Is there any way to hack their servers
  3. Awesome work unfortunately unlimited ammo does not work on the last update you released today
  4. ALR

    Guns of boom Script

    I think Punkaz script is excellent, it has the basics to win battles and if you're smart you won't get banned.
  5. How to use infinit ammo with thanatos?...thanatos always has one bullet
  6. ALR


    Thank You _______________________________________________ added 3 minutes later Thank you
  7. ALR

    No longer

    Can no longer use game guardian or parallell space in guns of boom i dont know which one it is but they catch me immediately even if only use ammo hack i even tried different phones but they got me as soon as i started the script? sad day
  8. I,m a noob don't know nothin but I have read from other peoples it impossible because the gold and gunbucks part of your account is in their servers... Or something like that
  9. ALR


    Hi new to this, how can I buy newest guns of boom scripts cheats...
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