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  1. Ok bro thanks i will show u guys Dungeon hunter 5 and modem combat asphalt to i already hack this game
  2. Na for real if u need help tell me plz bro i love to hack games since im 11 now im 24 im always hacking games i love to challenge my self any game for me
  3. Witch game list ur taking man hey if u need help for a game tell me i will help
  4. Haha ok man if u say so gdb is a gnu debugger wow i know i use a tablette A6 I KNOW ALL UR CRAP
  5. Haha man i can hack any game trust me ur a noob i use burpsuite but u dont know ur fake give me any challenge [added 1 minute later] I use kali linux tools and gameguardian
  6. Nofear u suck your no good man look my s*** im a god look my pic i change money for potbucks ichange 7500$ to 5000 potbucks it cost me 25 potbuck for 5000 im a real hacker i didnt get banned me againts u any game
  7. Hey guys im sonic6996 im a god of hacking games i got a new exploit for pot farm guano mistery seed and money and karma event that i find but u need potbuck for it its easy contacte me sonic240295@gmail.com
  8. Like Hae14 sayd 444444 = 0 always search Dword if u change the value 444444 to 0 u will have 444444 if u change 444444 to 444440 = 4 if u change 444444 to 444445 u will have 1 if ur stamina is 100 search 444536 its eazy if u need help just ask i will help u
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