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    If it is "nothing special", then why "encrypt" the file? No reason to hide the source code in this case, IMO. Source code: local configFile = gg.EXT_CACHE_DIR .. "/" .. gg.getFile():match("[^/]+$") .. ".cfg" local data = loadfile(configFile) if data ~= nil then data = data() end local last = gg.getFile() info = gg.prompt({ "Select Script To Encrypt:" }, data, {"file"}) if info == nil then os.exit() end if info == nil then os.exit() end gg.saveVariable(info, configFile) local open = io.open local read_file = function(path) local file = open(path, "rb") if not file then return nil end local content = file:read("*a") file:close() return content end Text = read_file("" .. info[1] .. "") if Text == nil then print("The directory or file name is wrong") else print(Text) end read_text_src.lua
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    LoL you are funny like a rock, AS ALWAYS. First: guns of boom is sleeping right now you cannot get banned easly. Im using the *dangerous* scripts every day nothing happens Second: we don't care at all about your business poor kid, you have been forgotted, you Lost your potential customers with your arrogance. you know you are not welcome in gg forums and you keep saying that everyone is poor HOW many lambos do you have? (this guy is depressing)
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    Lol if this is "your code" that I "copy paste" as you put it, and you are so butthurt about it then why dont you send proof to an admin and have this taken down. Oh wait, you cant cause it's not your code cause i wrote it myself. Idiot Here I'll even link ya big man- https://gameguardian.net/forum/topic/20188-lua-section-sellers-and-stolen-content/
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    Ok . So u are telling that it blocks "load" yea ? Do u want to see how it blocks load? It block only original compiler version . Huh .
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    Thx for this code . In the past one person upload this code too but I need help. It can remember only numbers. We cannot put here any text . Can u change this and give me code for put text in this script. I change gg.promt and when I put text it extract cfg file but didn't remember text. I want to fix this. Pls help me for put in this script some texts
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    I want to change input numbers as text: local configFile = gg.EXT_CACHE_DIR..'/'..gg.getFile():match('[^/]+$') .. ".cfg" local data = loadfile(configFile) if data ~= nil then data = data() end local input = gg.prompt({ "Enter Username"}, {'' ..configFile.. ''}, {"text"}, data) if input == nil then os.exit() end gg.saveVariable(input, configFile) But I dont know which code I need here : {'' ..configFile.. ''}
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    Ok . But while u will upload at least u need to compile bcs people will steal ur ideas. Some errors are in this compiler . On next upload fix all bugs and encrypt ur file. Of course if someone is good in programming and if he want codes he will decrypt but it will be encoded for random person. Also sry for my english XD
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    Thank you said to help me