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    unfortunately...Miniclip did put something on their server to detect any illegal change to the game. therefore it would be very difficult to find any solution in time being. even the much older version of the game got detect.
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    Yes it is editable, but indirectly. For example if you reduce the silver from 14820 to 14720 you will have 132 others. You have to exit and re-enter the profile every time to be able to see the changes made. Oui, il est modifiable, mais indirectement. Par exemple, si vous réduisez l'argent de 14820 à 14720, vous en aurez 132 autres. Vous devez quitter et ressaisir le profil à chaque fois pour pouvoir voir les modifications apportées.
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    Cheats do not work. Shop cheat works until you try to use it then it resets.
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    it doesn't work for me either, You can do a Dword group search and change the values to your needs. Search for gold, silver, bronze, total races. For example in your case: 65535;14420;7949;65535::13
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    try manual search: gold_trophies;silver;bronze;total::13 then edit values
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    Thanks Mario for the new version ✌ [added 4 minutes later] It doesn't work...or it's just me ?
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    What get you banned is the big amount of Gold and R$ you win in a short time, fame points doesn't matter.
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    Or possibly to win the whole series at once?
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    Ever since installing the optimized version of parallel space, I can no longer open Google play or Google games in Parallel Space. Prior to that it was working fine. Worst of all, I tried reinstalling the original Parallel Space from google play and the problem still persists.
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    Try updated version. It will work. I'm just a beginner in lua.
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    Release the source code of my script. Hope this can help if you know how to write a Lua script! RR3 Hack 3.0.0 source.lua
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    Hello guys! I quit this game already, maybe I will never update this script or maybe I will return this game some day. Thank you all and have a nice life!
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    Guys I see 16K download, but this guys still have 41 subscribers in YouTube, please subscribe is Chanel , you guys just keep download.
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    then you should really try to hack it manually...just as like i did. i can hack manually...almost 90% of it..no need of a script. im happy with it..and cost me nothing.
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    Thats not csgo? stop typing this bs if you dont even know what ur talking about
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    I have a very non sense question(sorry I'm new to gg). Just curious can game developer relocate those three currencies so that -886763675 can no longer lead to those values?

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