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  2. Try using a small value for the edit. The game maybe sensitive. You should try hacking stuffs from the store/shop too if the coins cannot be hacked directly
  3. El_dorado


    wow. That's a great idea. What a reply!
  4. Hi, i need some help with hacking gladiator heroes. I know how to hack, but I cant even log in to the game. I am using parallel space, have copied gg (yes its done correctly) and the game. But when i try to start the game it wants to log in to google play and it gets stuck on screen saying "need to update google play" or something like that even if i have the newest version. I cant turn wifi off the first time im launching game so i need some help please, I dont know how to repair it. Thanks if someone respond.
  5. owovirtual_fix_gg_signed.apk owovirtual_gg_signed.apk
  6. @Eneby can you help optimize this virtual? This virtual works perfectly for me but i can't use gameguardian with it, please help owovirtual.apk
  7. Today
  8. Enyby


    Possible. You need move GG apk to USB flash drive. Come close to this guy. With fast move insert USB drive in guy ass. After that GG automatically installed in brain this guy and you can hack his account. GG ruled by touch interface on guy face.
  9. TheRealYiDa


    i have recently been spammed/black mailed from a google account, i was wondering if game guardian could hack his google password that way i could get into his account and stop him. Is that possible?
  10. I want to do one but i dont know how :(
  11. help to hack mortal kombat x
  12. Same here after I load antena head the game crashes. Do you use any special settings in the GG ? Before the update I never had issues. I'm running NOX with Android 7
  13. @Semfreefire use speed hack only for team deathmatch and clash squad and the maximum speed must be 9 [added 2 minutes later] @Semfreefire the script is working for me and my friends change your device and try it because after update the game takes a heavy load on phone thats why game and script crashes
  14. The script is not working after update the game crashes Please help
  15. You are blind? Idea listed above your post.
  16. So i tried the dword search of coin but also i find it and whenever i tried to edit it comes back to it's original Value. Then i tried Fuzzy Search And Finded this Value 841,757,194(always change as coin value change) I freeze this value and also it works. The coin value gets stuck but whenever i try to edit the game crashes or it shows some random character s at coin value. Plz Help anyone
  17. @Huang888 @BreadKiller has left the project and released source: Real Racing 3 Hack (#5a1m3xpf)
  18. Hello friend, I received the email that you quit real racing three, so I want to ask you one thing, can you decrypt the 3.0.0 version of the real racing three script and send it to me. I want to study searching by signature, and then modify another value of the offset. thank you very much. RR3 Hack 3.0.0.lua
  19. @Enyby I have gg installed on my simulator and using it on offline games, just looking for someone to help me on what I sent. So if u can help, or at least give me an idea, ı would appreciate
  20. Boss45

    Archero Script

    U need to play a match with them to permanently keep Them
  21. El_dorado


    I'll start working on that man
  22. Yah, no work.. and wall hack no work too
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