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  2. These are empirical values. Maybe you need more. But most likely, it just does not work.
  3. sorry my bad, i mean 2560 not o256, it find the value but when i restart not load the script
  4. Any idea what is stored in lilith sdk process that launches with the game?
  5. I do not understand anything. Writing a zero before 256 does not change anything. 0256 is the same as 256. If the script does not load anything, then the found chains are wrong. Try increasing the depth and / or offset. If this does not work, then it does not work with this game.
  6. Game restore paused state. I decide cancel it and kill game again.
  7. thank you, you can guide for me, how do you find value of gold, gem, … ??? I tried many times but I don't find any value, and please help me thank you so much
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  9. I assume you're using emulator, this script only work on real device.
  10. I dont know for me script keeps crashing I have error pKeyPtr outdated
    When loading says update on YouTube channel but video was pulled due to copyright so , there is no hack
  11. Yesterday
  12. 0ne question i put a 0 in front of 256 value to get the chain and created but i make 2 and when i try load the script not load can please test and see if find=?=n is the bss file work correct when chain?i find in game casr clicker 2 the value of search progress percentage value in float in anonimus region but when i try load the script not load the value, i tested in mumu emulator 2 times and not work in pointers app i find and work but is in lib in bss in the case clicker2 the value of search progress, where the 2 created lua files of search progress value float anonimus com.hawkgames.caseclicker21.lua com.hawkgames.caseclicker22.lua
  13. How did you manage to do so? I've been trying to find a way to abuse the mission/achievement system for a couple of days now.
  14. I've learn how game encrypt/decrypt the value. You can peek my script, and see how it works.
  15. Great. Thanks a lot. I'm gonna try these myself.
  16. Does that mean I can not do anything? as much as I blow my mind
  17. stop game guardian when the load circle stops almost at the end, look for the values 0 (dword) between the range 327681-327699 in the group, ;24 (I remember) that is the one that corresponds to the garage blueprint and something else . you change the 0 to 999, done. when you finish it is good to "return" the remaining blueprints, since you can not have leftover blueprints (in case they do a scan) that is done by looking for 649-999 (within the same 327681 ...; 24) "value" that correspond, to the maximum remaining quantity of a hyper to the remainder of a street (900 for example) and return them to 0
  18. He is looking for anything that may be like pointers. But not necessarily that this pointer. It may just be random data with a similar value. It may also be a pointer to something else, which is now located nearby, and in the next launch, it will not be near. Try specifying more depth and / or more offset. It is usually enough to conduct a simple test - find the value, make a script for the chains. Restart the game. Find the value again, and then compare it with what the script has restored. If there is no such value, then this method does not work.
  19. I tried it and I'm impressed that it did indeed work. I noticed it is also a script created by you, I must say great work. I'm wondering about the process of how you found the correct value of the gem It has me quite puzzled
  20. I give 10$ if you can help me.
  21. It doesn't seem to work on a game called blade crafter, with 3 pointers chain. Do you know why? I'm not sure to understand exactly how your script works... It is looking for pointers to pointers a [depth] number of time, but how does it selects the pointers? Just by filtering the results to only have those present in .bss and .data memory regions as said in the download page, or do you do something else? Because if you have any tip to find the good pointers an easier way, i'll take it! (I tried reading and understanding your lua code, but i can't since i don't know the language...)
  22. Chain of pointers. Pointer to pointer and so on. The chain length is the number of pointers. The first pointer of the chain is in static memory, which can always be calculated and it does not change. Further, moving on a chain, it is possible to calculate each subsequent element. And so on until the desired value. If the correct chain is found, then it is possible to restore the values, which change every time. when restarting the whole game or individual levels.
  23. Enyby what is a pointer chain in the first place? i know pointers contain the addresses for another value? but what is a chain? and does it have something to do with values that change after each restart.
  24. Depth is the number of chain pointers you can have. It is when you have to work with multipointers. The more depth, the more results and search time, but also the more chance to find a static pointer. You can let it to default but if you don't find anything, try a bigger offset or a bigger depth, 3 should be eniugh for most games.
  25. MrCanan

    Archero Script

    Hi, Thank you @ItsSC, but it is the same problem with BlueStack... The game -> For BlueStack, you need the lastest BSTweaker5 (v5.14.10) to easily root it (Force Close BS -> Unlock -> Start BS -> Patch). I check the log with "MatLog", but there is nothing except : 06-19 19:23:54.806 I/WindowManager(1907): WIN DEATH: Window{49fde11 u0 SurfaceView - com.habby.archero/com.habby.archero.UnityPlayerActivity} 06-19 19:23:54.807 I/ActivityManager(1907): Process com.habby.archero (pid 9167) has died 06-19 19:23:54.809 W/ActivityManager(1907): Force removing ActivityRecord{1c41545 u0 com.habby.archero/.UnityPlayerActivity t22}: app died, no saved state 06-19 19:23:54.809 D/WindowManager(1907): topDisplayedActivityInfo, appToken: Token{756449a ActivityRecord{1c41545 u0 com.habby.archero/.UnityPlayerActivity t22}} -> So it is developed with Unity Engine. I have the same problem as you @qUL4eVer, and even if I put the screenshots, your video is good also to see the problem. Perhaps it's not the SW to launch, or the process is not the good one? Hope someone will explain how to use it. ^^ Best regards. NB: If you are rooted with Magisk, you can also use "Magisk Hide" instead of "VirtualXposed", but there is the same error!
  26. Thanks, it's not perfect but these are the bases :). Yes I know some games using pointers. - If you never worked with pointers, you can look for "zombinizer". Money is pointed by a value and its address changes. Try to do it yourself first, but if you have a hard time, you can look on there: Hack zombinizer (#7231b1l8) - You can also look for "blade crafter", where you have multipointers and encryption, I learnt a lot with this game. You should try to figure out how to hack it by yourself, but if you have a hard time, you can read what follows. If you want help without me telling you everything, ask me ;). --Don't read the following if you want to do it yourself-- You have a main structure where pointers for almost everything in the game are located (currencies, blades, upgrades, minigames data, other stuff,...), and these pointers most of the time lead to a 2nd pointer (2 pointers for diamonds), and even sometimes to a 3rd one, pointing to the value you want (3 pointers for money). Some multipointers change every single time the related value changes, like money or diamonds. I have 1 post on this forum about this game, and a video where I only show diamonds and money, but you can see how it looks like and follow other pointers of the main structure if you want. In my post on the forum, I show a list of descriptions for almost every pointer in the main structure, but it may have changed with updates. I didn't understand well how money was stored or the diamonds encryption when I did the video, but if you need help ask me. post: Blade Crafter (#79dvu88p) video:
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