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  2. How to collect logcat (#c1aa00vp) Try read post to end.
  3. Wow... Tell me method No rooted device
  4. Today
  5. @Enyby I would like to know if you would get script for future asphalt updates? If not, you could do a tutorial for the inexperienced players in this GG theme like Hacking events safely
  6. some hack for free fire that is still working?
  7. hi, pls can u re upload video, or make another tutorial ?
  8. hey, how i need to apply offset ? it's nothin happend with this 25 adresses
  9. Nothing interested. You need collect log via adb from PC, if you do not have root.
  10. Yesterday
  11. hi everyone, who can help to find codes of earliest buildings that never been in my city for examples seasonal or limited or maybe somebody has a video
  12. Just collected... alogrec.2019-07-17-02-59-40.log
  13. How to collect logcat (#c1aa00vp)
  14. How can i get logcat U see logcat option not working Other options also not working....
  15. Without logcat video useless.
  16. Hey bro love your work its totally awesome I just hacked unlimited items but other things are not working because it is older version I know you will not update the hack but I want to ask you will you help me grow my website: https://www.gamingforecast.com
  17. here is the video... also tried GG old version.but same result before Samsung official update its work fine my Mobile = Samsung S8 Gg issue.mp4
  18. Many thanks for the response !! .. I've been able to identify 2 variables utilising the d word search but when I edit it doesn't change, I've tried editing all the Data types and did manage to change the in game number but it reverted as fast as I edited back to it's original value.. any ideas?? Cheers
  19. Hi everyone, I wanted to install gameguardian and Parnell Space in my phone. Im using S10 plus no root device. 1. I install Parallel_Space_4.0.8840_gg_signed. Successfully installed. 2. I install GameGuardian.83.0.apk. 3. I add GameGuardian.830.0.apk in to Parallel_Space_4.0.8840_gg_signed. 4. Once i add GameGuardian in to parallel space, i open it. Pop up a message saying that "Your GameGuardian is for 64bit. It works only if you installed parallel space 64bit." 5. I download Parallel_Space_64Bit_Support_1.0.3053_gg_signed and install it. Pop up message saying that "App not installed" Why like that?
  20. Gathering information about GG errors (#9ggo57t)
  21. Hello frndz Today updated my Samsung s8. After update GG not working.when i open GG through virtual space and press start gg get close I tried old version also new version.before update glGg working good.but now its not working samasung official update was included with security patch Now what i do...plz helppppp
  22. Same problem with mortal kombat x, It worked fine until yesterday... I tried other similar applications but can not even open the game, parallel space is the best :(
  23. does a new version of this hack please updated today July 16 to 3.2.0
  24. @Rebound you cant do it parrel space dosent have google play games(i think) But Virtualxposed You can download google play games from the settings but it dosent work i think now to play archero you need magisk hide OR download This mod by gamemod.pro without doing nothing just download and your done dont add it to parell space or virtualxposed just download and open GG no need to use root in virtualxposed
  25. Search over 4pda forum topic: https://4pda.ru/forum/index.php?showtopic=492661 It must be on last pages.
  26. hello Enyby, friend, I can not tell which car is the 256, you tell me which one that code belongs to, that is 256, please
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