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  2. =to put item you want in the inbox the one i know is buy gasoline. you swap gasoline id with another item you want and buy..using coins. but its not a very stable trick(at least for me)....sometime it work...and sometime it didnt....in both scenarios....you still lose coins that you spend. there is a YT video that i put here in this thread somewhere....you can check it out.
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  4. Can you teach me how to swap one item to another in inbox? Thank you
  5. i dont need another device... and Exp still can be hack or you can use this
  6. Can you show me how to do it? I know that eventually you will release it, but it is gonna take some time.
  7. try searching in this thread....scroll to previous post...you may find it.
  8. ItsSC

    Last Day On Earth

    What a coincidence, I just made it into the script. (Haven't release)
  9. This is like trash lol
  10. Anyone can help me find out how to hack the recycler to be maxed out? Thank you.
  11. In Modern Zombie shooter : Zombie Survival Games you are on a mission where zombie shooter have to shoot down all the zombies that are roaming in the town. This modern zombie shooter fps games has 3 amazing zombie games mission. Modern Zombie shooter has to survive and kill all the dead zombies with your sniper shooting gun in this zombie tsunami fps games. This Modern Zombie Shooter : zombie survival games is for all the peoples who love to play zombie shooter games or fps games.
  12. 1. Instead of explaining what it was, you wrote something obscure. 2. Instead of removing the comma and using the application without problems, you expressed hope in a completely non-problematic desire. So yes.
  13. Any chance you could link the proper video. Searching LDOE chopper level hack brings aa ton of results and I don't know which is the right one. Thanks
  14. 1. It's okay if you don't know now. 2.Ok, But I have an idea for that, change the original value not 100 but change it to maximum (100,000) I'm waiting,,
  15. ItsSC

    Last Day On Earth

    why xp hack doesn't working anymore? It is still easy to hack xp
  16. Basically you can't use that account in another device if no google and no root. Hey why you are lvl 100 xp hck isnt working anymore , not safe to do it ? I'm about to try on my new account
  17. 1. IDK what you talking about. Explain in detail. 2. Bug. Will be fix later. Now, do not use comma at show count number. And all must work fine.
  18. GG 87.6 list bug (not error): 1.History its random, History search code move to History Execute script. 2. GG not save variable Results this a bug, watch this videos, Nothing log cat because its just Bug.
  19. really....? non-root...using Parallel Space. im at level 100 now...tons of stuffs in my inbox. not sure....sometime it work...sometime it didnt...most of the times it work...most of the times it didnt too.. its trial and error.. what actually we talking about?
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  21. Without google play you cant save progress. You are rooted ? Can you just tell me why it wasnt working for you at first ? I'm going through same stuff
  22. what do you mean carry...?? [added 0 minutes later] fish done for now....i think.
  23. So you don't carry your save
  24. @eNeRGypsx thanks again for sharing the finding. i found some..at the moment...work still in progress.
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