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Virtual Beggar - hack coins, cards - GameGuardian

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Thanks for the help! ?


@Enyby If it's possible within your free time

Could you make a video on how you create those 2 value's into a simple menu

2 buttons, one for coins and the other for virtual cards I wish to see a plain simple lua script to learn from

- Decaf

Edited by Decaf

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Learn and write the scripts yourself. Read the help.
GG has a feature for record scripts.
Record the script, see what happened. Based on this, you can try to make a script with a menu.
In this case, it is ineffective, since the game is hack by a direct search and is very simple. If the user is not able to use a simple search, then he is quite stupid, and make for him a very simple to use script is just a waste your time.

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I try on mobile pubg. and managed to change the coins. and doesn't work when trying to buy it at the store

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