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How to remove arm libs from apk - fix game work on x86 emulators - Solid Explorer, ZArchiver

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Without that Angry Birds Epic not work on Droid4X.

After install Angry Birds Epic from market you must do this or game stuck on loading.

For this fix, apk must have x86 folder inside libs dir. If x86 folder do not exists - this fix only break game.

This fix also can help use speedhack on some games like Asphalt 8. Read more about that:

How to determine why speedhack does not work


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2 minutes ago, anggchg9 said:

I never use droid4X , I use nox

The same set of steps still apply. As long as you can open the apk file with an archiver and delete the folder.

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I tried this on a game that has the x86 folder but it won't work, when I delete the arm folder and patch the game it will crash on opening.

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