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How to dump memory of any running processes in Android - GameGuardian



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Some apps use encryption for load dex or so file. They decrypt it before load and remove after that. Dump can be useful for this.

It is only possibility. Each one can use for own targets. It is not for all of course.


Another usage - investigate memory usage for store different data. For regular file you can use any tool rather from undumped memory of process.

And so on.

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When you dump memory from a file,  does it include all the extensions also? For example,  .so .dll .bin files all associated with the .apk

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Do you know if this method will dump cache files ( like current 3d models, sounds, etc on screen) ?

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It's a dump. And what is there in memory depends on the game and how it is arranged. But most often the data in the memory and the data on the disk are stored in different forms, so that you can get the same from the memory as you can on the disk.

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