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*Official Site Guide*: Setting Up GameGuardian

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This is the official guide on how to set up GameGuardian for successful cheating.

This is video tutorial was recorded by GameGuardian's d2dyno.

More Info available here: http://q.gs/1645780/official-site-guide-setting-up-gameguardian

Download GameGuardian for Android (Requires root), here: http://q.gs/1645780/gameguardian-download

Having problems with the GameGuardian app? Read the General Troubleshooting guide, found here: http://q.gs/1645780/gameguardian-troubleshoot

Follow us on Twitter! http://q.gs/1645780/gameguardian-on-twitter

You can subscribe to our new videos.

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Only for time traveler.

added 1 minute later

I recode video. Previous it be in mp4v and completely not playable.

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