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About This File

A collection of >40-game scripts is available in English and Russian

🔴 Game list:

👾 Archero
👾 Armed Heist
👾 Assassins Creed: Rebellion
👾 Basketball Arena
👾 Bullet Echo
👾 CATS: Crash Arena Turbo Stars
👾 Day R Premium
👾 Day R Survival
👾 Dragon City
👾 FZ9: Timeshift
👾 Fallout Shelter Online
👾 FarmVille 2: Country Escape
👾 Grim Soul
👾 Horrorfield
👾 Infinity Ops
👾 Into the Dead 2
👾 Jurassic Survival
👾 Last Day On Earth: Survival
👾 Left to Survive
👾 Marvel: Contest of Champions
👾 Mech Arena: Robot Showdown
👾 Mortal Kombat
👾 Motorsport Manager Mobile 2
👾 Motorsport Manager Mobile 3
👾 Mutiny: Pirate Survival
👾 Pokemon Quest
👾 Ronin: The Last Samurai
👾 Shadow Fight 3
👾 Shadowgun Legends
👾 Soul Knight
👾 Standoff 2
👾 Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes
👾 Suspects: Mystery Mansion
👾 Tacticool
👾 The Elder Scrolls: Blades
👾 WWE Undefeated
👾 Warface: Global Operations
👾 Westland Survival
👾 Zooba
👾 Zula Mobile



Link to my YouTube channel -  https://www.youtube.com/c/RamaProduction2

Link to the Telegram chat -  https://t.me/ramaproductionchat

Link to the news channel in Telegram - https://t.me/ramaproduction



Edited by Rama_2020

What's New in Version 7.5.0   See changelog


📆7.5.0 — 29.11.2021/05.12.2021

✅ An adaptive system of information about the selected process has been introduced in the launcher

✅ The system of deducting coins for script entries has been changed (the cost has not changed)

✅ The price tariff for Mega Script coins has been increased

✅ Improved architecture search system

✅ Fixed incorrect process selection error on Huawei devices

✅ Fixed crash when selecting chat in game scripts

✅ Winter design of some parts of the interface


✅ Changes in Last Day on Earth: Survival:

🔸New functions have been added to the «Slow function menu» section:

- Rapid growth of puppies

- Maximum character level

- Maximum chopper level

🔸New items have been added to the «Cards, coupons, tokens...» section:

- Crane key

- Key card A

- Key card А+

- Key card B

- Key card B+

- Employee badge

- Data disk

- Biker magazine

🔸Added the «Boxes and cases» section to «Items and resources»:

- Suitcase with values

- Reagent box

- High value goods

- Cooler bag

- Toolbox

- Christmas box

- Box of basic materials

- Box of tare materials

🔸Added the «Plants and seedlings» section to «Items and resources»:

- Sakura seedling

- Spirea

- Hedge

- Seed

🔸New items have been added to the «Decorations and objects» section:

- Gravestone

- Basketball hoop

- Last stop

- Big сatch

- Gilbert

- Comfort

- Acquired taste

- Fridge

🔸New items have been added to the «Details and items» section:

- Pipe

- Energy cell

- Processor

- Hydraulic parts

- Coil

- Belt

- Fuse

- Piston

- Electric motor

🔸New items have been added to the «Garbage*» section:

- Rusty engine

- Fragments of titanium armor suit

🔸New item have been added to the «Other resources» section:

- Catalyst

🔸New packs has been added to the «Packs» section:

- Pathfinders pack s.17 [Object «Echo»]

- Smugglers pack

- Collectors сrate

- Scavengers crate

- Motorcyclists repair kit

- Armor-piercing pack

- Storm pack

🔻«Mushrooms» have been removed from the section «Food, water, medicines...»


✅ Changes in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes:

🔸Added the «Health control» function


✅ Updated scripts:

🔄Armed Heist v2.4.12 (90)

🔄Grim Soul v3.5.5 (305050395)

🔄Dragon City v12.7.4 (1804988458)

🔄Mutiny: Pirate Survival v0.24.0 (691)

🔄Suspects: Mystery Mansion v1.14.0 (2500)

🔄Tacticool v1.42.0 (48414009)

🔄Westland Survival v2.2.0 (2483)

🔄Zooba v3.11.1 (5635)


✅ Added scripts:

👾Bullet Echo


✅ Removed scripts:


📛The Walking Dead: Survivors


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18 hours ago, Rosan01 said:

привет рама, 

Mortal Kombat X не работает, вы можете проверить это .. 

Mortal Kombat X - works. There's a way to break this game on my channel. The script was written for version 1.21.0. With the script and the old version of the game, you twist everything you need. Next, with Titanium Backup, you're restoring your data 😉

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@Rama7772017 your archero script gold ,stats,energy, lvl doesn't work on ver 1.13 on 1.03 I'm not sure

pm if you want me to help

Edited by SB2P
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9 hours ago, SB2P said:

@Rama7772017 your archero script gold ,stats,energy, lvl doesn't work on ver 1.13 on 1.03 I'm not sure

pm if you want me to help

Yes, that would be great! 

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It doesn't work, My android version is 9 and my phone is Samsung Galaxy a10e, It doesn't work I cant root my phone either, Because I dont have a pc or USB and ITS SECURED BY KNOX please help meh

Edited by MochiBrianna
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