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🟠 A collection of more than 50 game scenarios is available in English and Russian

• Game list:
👾 Archero
👾 Assassins Creed: Rebellion 
👾 Basketball Arena 
👾 Bullet Echo 
👾 CATS: Crash Arena Turbo Stars
👾 Day R Premium 
👾 Day R Survival 
👾 Days After 
👾 Dead by Daylight Mobile
👾 Emergency HQ
👾 FZ9: Timeshift 
👾 Fallout Shelter Online
👾 FarmVille 2: Country Escape
👾 Gladiators: Survival in Rome
👾 Goose Goose Duck 
👾 Grim Soul 
👾 Guild of Heroes
👾 Hide Online
👾 Horrorfield
👾 Infinity Ops
👾 Injustice 2
👾 Into the Dead 2 
👾 Jurassic Survival
👾 Last Day On Earth: Survival 
👾 Left to Survive 
👾 Legend of Ace 
👾 Marvel: Contest of Champions
👾 MaskGun 
👾 Mech Arena: Robot Showdown
👾 Mortal Kombat 
👾 Motorsport Manager Mobile 2 
👾 Motorsport Manager Mobile 3 
👾 Mutiny: Pirate Survival
👾 Pokemon Quest 
👾 Raft Survival: Ocean Nomad
👾 Rebel Inc
👾 Rebel Racing
👾 Shadow Fight 3 
👾 Shadowgun Legends 
👾 Soul Knight
👾 South Park: Phone Destroyer 
👾 Standoff 2 
👾 Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes 
👾 Suspects: Mystery Mansion
👾 Tacticool 
👾 The Elder Scrolls: Blades
👾 The Walking Zombie 2 
👾 Transformers: Earth Wars
👾 Warface: Global Operations
👾 Westland Survival
👾 Word of Tankers Blitzkrieg
👾 Zooba
👾 Zula Mobile



Link to my YouTube channel -  https://www.youtube.com/c/RamaProduction2

Link to the Telegram chat -  https://t.me/ramaproductionchat

Link to the news channel in Telegram - https://t.me/ramaproduction





Edited by Rama_2020
Update 7.7.7

What's New in Version 7.7.7   See changelog


📆 7.7.7 — 22.08.2022/28.08.2022

✅ The weekly theme «7.7.7» has been applied

✅ Introduction of regional prices (dollars, hryvnia, lira, rubles)

✅ Implemented a system of local logs (beta)

✅ There are options for errors related to the client file

✅ Fixed a critical crash when launching a new client file


✅ Changes in Daily tasks:

🔸Added difficulty levels

🔸Added new tasks

🔹Changed task rewards depending on difficulty (3-6-9 BP)

🔹Task descriptions have been rewritten

🔹Redesigned visual representation


✅ Changes in Mini-Pastime:

🔹Redesigned the system of rewards and fines in the classic clicker

🔸Added the display of the amounts of earnings and losses per session

🔸Added new mini-games:

- Food chain

- Rock, scissors, paper

- Shopping list

- Carnivores and herbivores

- Countries and flags

🔹Fixed crash when launching the mini-game «Countries and Flags»

🔹Fixed the error of crediting currency in games:

- Shopping list

- Carnivores and herbivores

- Countries and flags


✅ Changes in Boxes:

🔹Box «Balls» renamed to «Sport»

🔹The avatar of the stone has been replaced in the «Elements» box

🔸Added rewards for achieving full unlock of the box

🔸Added new avatars to the boxes:

- Space

- Elements

- Sport


✅ Changes in Changing avatar:

🔹Redesigned avatar change menu

🔸Added classification of avatars

🔸Added a counter of available avatars


✅ Changes in Mockup MS:

🔹Fixed the display of an empty game menu

🔹The error with displaying the script layout version has been changed


✅ Changes in Emergency HQ:

🔹Fixed known script errors and crashes

🔹Fixed the display of functionality in the «Mockup MS»


✅ Changes in Grim Soul:

🔹Redesigned menu (division into categories)

🔸Added functions:

- Instant opening of chests

- Unlock dungeon normal difficulty

- Unlock dungeon heroic difficulty

- Free learn of devotion

- VIP level

- Player level

🔹Fixed crash when starting the «Other parameters»



✅ Changes in LDoE: Survival:

🔹The system of functions has been redesigned:

- Raising character level

- Raising chopper level

🔸Added in «Change resource»:

- The entire section of packs (The ability to change packs to items, or one pack to another)

🔸Added in «Slow function menu»:

- Raising battle pass level

🔸Added in «Quick function menu»:

- Increase maximum health

🔸Added to the «Food, water, medicines...» section:

- Raw turkey

🔸Added to the «Decorations and objects» section:

- Infected specimen

🔸Added to the «Packs» section:

- Fiery pack #1

- Fiery pack #2

- Lantern festival pack

🔻Removed from the «Food, water, medicines...» section:

- Energy drinks (uselessly)

🔹Fixed the error of incorrect sorting of items in the «Change resource»


🔹Fixed the error of displaying the menu in the functions:

- Raising player level

- Raising chopper level

🔹Fixed crash when activating the «Duplication by splitting» function on arm32

🔹Fixed possible problems in the «Change resource» section

🔹Changes in function «Rising battle pass level»:

- Reduced resulting level

- Rework and corrections


✅ Changes in Shadow Fight 3:

🔻Removed «Freeze AI» function (changes in libs)


✅ Changes in Star Wars: GoH:

🔸Added functions:

- Endless special attacks

- Playing for opponents


✅ Changes in Transformers: EW:

🔸Added functions:

- Free deploy of bots


✅ Changes in Westland Survival:

🔹Fixed functions:

- Ultradurability

- Fast travel

- Instant collected

🔸Added functions:

- Free craft

- Attack through walls

- Infinite distribution points

- Disabling thirst and hunger

🔹Fixed known bugs and crashes

🔹Redesigned «Camera control» function

🔻Removed «Free craft» function for arm32 (high ban risks)

🔹Fixed «Ultradurability» function for arm32


✅ Updated scripts:

🔄Archero v4.2.2 (1139)²

🔄Basketball Arena v1.84.5 (1084005)

🔄CATS v2.47.2 (2680144)

🔄Emergency HQ v1.7.13 (33135)²

🔄Guild of Heroes v1.139.5 (112203310)

🔄Goose Goose Duck v2.08.00 (200178)

🔄Hide Online v4.9.2 (10000048)

🔄LDoE v1.19.5 (X00662)

🔄Mech Arena v2.10.00 (12069)

🔄Mutiny v0.35.2 (784)

🔄Shadow Fight 3 v1.29.1 (18984)

🔄Soul Knight v4.2.8 (40280)

🔄Tacticool v1.51.0 (48562000)

🔄Westland Survival v3.5.2 (3205)

🔄Warface GO v3.5.2 (5022352)

🔄WoT Blitzkrieg v9.2.0.1316 (90201316)²

🔄Zooba v3.36.0 (8696)


✅ Added scripts:

👾Emergency HQ

👾FarmVille 2: Country Escape

👾Gladiators: Survival in Rome

👾Raft Survival: Ocean Nomad

👾Rebel Racing


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not free

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Who made "War robots" script ? Can you mention him here ?

Response from the author:

The script for War Robots is taken from Modern Strike, which I made myself. Since the developers are the same, the functions have approached a different game, so the developers for it are me

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Pls do a currency hack for Durango.

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