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  2. I don't kinda get this part. If this is in campaign mode, i haven't encountered this kind of problem. This only happens in Arcane Labyrinth, wherein you need to use Dura's tears to revive them and use them again with full combo meters. What I hypothesised in this picture is that maybe you need new heroes to pull from the tavern or worst i can think of is that maybe you're detected by the system of tampering the data.
  3. In video 1, regarding combos, it is system based and before you start the gameplay, the system will determine the total power, character stats, character equipments, skill bonuses, skill effects and AOE percentages and attacks as well as other factors that can be viewed in heroes page. The combo meter is filled up with damage over time accumulated, whether the character attacks or took damage, it fills up the combo meter, and there is an option there in later stages where you will let the system automatically activates their respective ultimate skills or manually. Every character of the game information can be viewed in heroes tab and you can check them One by one in portraits view, as well as their general stats when in Ascended tier and in a sample max level. (Tiers like Ascended can be higher than that displayed, reaching to 5 star ascended, making it more OP), and character levels reaching level 280 or maybe more.
  4. Looking for a script or mod for Marvel Strike Force , whatever that can be done would be greatly appreciated. Just make sure it's a working mod or script.
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  6. oooh i am dead , i cant stop laughing
  7. Nice try, developer. Nice try.
  8. Yeah for sure the game takes some time to really understand it, the game is focused on the AFK aspect of it(relaxed gameplay). It does have a lot of strategy involved, but not that hard once you get a grasp on it. By combos you mean the heroes doing their Ultimate Skill? That can be on Auto or as you have it on Manual. What you were doing was activating their Ultimate, timer is not shown(sadly) but heroes replenish their energy(used for Ultimates) automatically or using buffs by other heroes Ultimate(like support heroes). Let me know if I understood your first question right, Im happy to respond. Regarding the all heroes page, there is one and it shows all heroes available in game at their max strenght and max ascension. Not all heroes can ascend all the way since there are 3 tiers of heroes. In the screenshots I show where the tab is. That lock can be from a lot of things, but most of the time is where your heroes have only 1 life and once they died, they cant be used again unless revived. But thats on other game modes... whats confusing me is that the image youre showing is from Campaign where thats not suppose to happen. You somehow did that on purpose? Is that what you meant by "I realeased that characters can be locked or something"? Again I hope I understood everything right, english aint my first language. I'd be happy to respond again. Thank you!
  9. hello everyone i want know how to start the game without protection manually the steps i mean the same game guardian does and thanks
  10. I will be very grateful if someone will hack the game. My objective is to get to island 100 (I have to do that in order to get some points in an app). It would be awesome if you can find a way to get to island 100 instantly but any other hacks will be useful too. I tried hacking the game but its server sided. The only thing that is working is changing the amount of money your islands generate per day. I tried changing some numbers and I got plus 2k after I changed the numbers but that is not a lot. It would be great if you might find a way to exploit that.
  11. Dear Game Guardian, @NoFear , @Enyby, and friends could you please to make a hint about how to make a cube/gem in Crimson Heart 2 ? Previously, I already made a money through a shop with modify value into negative value. Thank you a lot and I really appreciate it. Kind regards,
  12. I also don't understand how to use the Gold Hack function. I don't have a wheel of fortune on 7, 13, 14 gates
  13. WHY THIS FORUM AND WEBSITE IS NEVER UPDATED? THREADS ARE TOO DATED? THERE ARE NOT SCRIPT RESOURCES ONLY OLD PREHISTORIC VIDEOS? And yes I am here in April 2020 ! Anyone? Parallel space doesnt work anymore . All apps and developers of hacking are being shutted down by the Corporations companies for their only savage abusive profit !!! ?????
  14. and the game is actually very fun..i like the game, LoL see the lock, mind explain?
  15. I see, well I will need to play the game a bit langer because there are many things in the game I do not understand, I hope you can explain it for me. in video 1 I show you how to do multiple combos at once but were can I see how much time it takes? does the game shows any status, and also I realeased that characters can be locked or something, were does that stand. so much stuff in the game and I aint used to playing this kind of games. so I would appreciate if I get some info, like for examble with the pvp was very handful info. the most annoying part about this game is that a proper group search is barely possible because the game ceep changing majure values..like to different addresses in stead of the same range..vey annoying thing that I never encounterd before. , I mean not like this, anyway. please give me some more info about the game, all can help. oh yeah, and is there a place were I can se every character of the game?
  16. I support and upvote the campaign hack, if possible diamonds multiplier or rewards multiplier on bounty board is more convenient too.
  17. View File Roblox hack in 2020 ᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠ Submitter DUVI Submitted 04/01/2020 Category LUA scripts  
  18. Agreed, battle replays will be reviewed and if something suspicious comes to their attention they will not hesitate to Disable the account. [added 4 minutes later] I believe regarding in your Video 2.they put more emphasis and work towards that part especially the PVP against other players because that is the crucial part, wherein both players (Winner and Defeated) can view the battle logs (video) and see what happened during combat, and I'm thinking maybe a complex coding was done in that part with increase in security against tampering of data.
  19. Script: Get results to table, iterate over table, do what ever you want: edit, lad as results and so on. UI: Add to saved list, rebase, do what ever you want.
  20. Version 1.0.0


  21. bro what i have found from github and other sites this ***** file is encrypted with OPENSSL which is much harder than my expectation. but i am gonna try it any way .i am installing kali linux tonight for that as i got the method to dec this file from github.i dont think that this brute force method will work for this. but i can give it a try at least.ooh another thing i try to dec this with normal base64 dectryptor which gave me the salted error (lol). is there anything u wanna say on this matter. btw i am really impressed with the attention that u r giving me.thanks a lot buddy.
  22. I try to add "if nil then ..." to the gg.loadResults action but I can't do that, I get an error that I didn't find the value of "t1" function () gg.loadResults(t1) if t1 == nil then gg.search...........
  23. Is it possible to include an offset in the refine search? Example if I'm doing a group search "100;200;300;400;500::100" dword I get 100 total results, then I refine search 500 dword to only have the value 500 show with now only 50 results. How can I make all 50 results for value 500 offset by 8, to now only show 50 results of the offset (without adding to the saved list)?
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