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    hey fam, does this still work with the 0.99 version? hope yes EDIT: just check the update date. apparently still works but will test
  2. on = '[✖]' off = '[✔]' change = off function Main() menu = gg.choice({change .. " test"},nil,"✏ Hi!") if menu == 1 then if change == on then change = off else change = on end OnOff() end GSRamos = -1 end function OnOff() if change == on then gg.toast("On!") else gg.toast("Off!") end end while true do if gg.isVisible(true) then GSRamos = 1 gg.setVisible(false) end gg.clearResults() if GSRamos == 1 then Main() end end
  3. View File Mobile Legend MAP HACK King of Fighter Patch Subscribe to my channel, I'll update my script time to time. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC432hxDSGYdzhYrh-lsYCiQ The password is in the video. WATCH TILL THE END. DAMAGE HACK + MAP HACK SOON. SO STAY TUNED. THANK YOU! Submitter REPA Submitted 03/23/2019 Category LUA scripts  
  4. NoFear

    search by difference

    Better off somehow scripting it. Enyby won't add feature to accommodate 1 game... Find many titles utilizing same protection, he'll consider it. Trust me on that
  5. Use "hide from game" option in GG settings. Maybe check all except first.
  6. View File Script Free Fire V.1.28 Updated full Canal You Tube: http://xc.pl/6wQ7jJSo Visite nosso Site: www.webfirebr.com Todas atualizações serão postadas em nosso site. Submitter Baculino Submitted 03/23/2019 Category Free Fire  
  7. If return value from gg.alert or gg.multiChoice == nil, then dialog canceled. So do appropriate action like hide UI and wait while it open.
  8. As soon as I found the data, the victim software was immediately freed, please help me 20190323_225950(0).mp4
  9. IceFlare

    Game problem

    What does it mean when GG keeps crashing b4 i can enter the game even with prevent unload 3?
  10. Version 1.28.0


    Canal You Tube: http://xc.pl/6wQ7jJSo Visite nosso Site: www.webfirebr.com Todas atualizações serão postadas em nosso site.
  11. I cant download the script
  12. i am also very curious
  13. loody

    search by difference

    Thanks to all, I'll try the pointer thingy. That makes a cute suggestion for new functionalities I guess? could be extremely useful to be able to search pairs like that L
  14. Send script here or send me in pm and i will try to help you .
  15. Can You Make Script For PES 2019? Because I Can't Code From PES 2019, I Trying But Failed
  16. maulz

    ON/OFF Script Tutorial

    Prefix buttons (ON and OFF) (#6pa40cnj)
  17. Is there any other website like pastebin where i can keep scripts and edit afterwards. Because pastebin download the encrypted scripts like revo 5.5 encryption. So i want any other alternative where i can store data and change afterwards. Also we can use friendpaste but it is as a type of guets i.e. we can't edit later on. Help plz!
  18. An example from the topic in "Guides" section: Examples of Lua scripts (#d2j0lrom) If you need other examples, use forum search. Similar questions have been asked multiple times, so it should not be hard to find suitable answer/example.
  19. Someone have a script ON/OFF...pls give me the script i need the script..
  20. 99 items or items don't decrease hack would be nice.
  21. Any news about how to hack anything , I need it sooner much.
  22. I made a multichoise script when I click outside it the script ends. I want to make such that when I click outside gg hides and after clicking gg it continues where it was stopped. I know i can use gg.setVisible(false) but i did nil==gg.setVisible(false) then it ends. Help!
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