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Final Castle Defence: Idle RPG

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Did GG works on this game? I tried to modify some values but it didn't work.

Thanks 😊


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Sorry, i forgot to put the link to the game:
There's two versions of the game, apparently there's no difference besides one being paid (paid version you start with more gems).

I tried to change the values of the gems, but i can't find the exact adress to do this.
I think it's possible to hack this game, cause suddenly some players appeared from nowhere with a full team of 8 stars heroes, and some players even manage to hack the score of some events.

Anyway, thanks for the help 😃

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i really want to try this game but its not available in my PS.

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I found 2 values that's look like the ones that I'm looking for, but when I change, nothing happens. Does this mean that the values are protected or cannot be changed?

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