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Candy Crush Saga hack for Android (NO ROOT)

Started By Cromosc1 , Jul 01 2013 08:49 AM

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  • Cromosc1
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Name of Game: Candy Crush Saga
Version: 1.0.10(updated to 1.13.0)
Root Needed?: YES/NO

Name of cheat: Candy Crush Ultimate CCU for short

1000 lives
150 moves per level
4 minute timed levels
99 moves on bombs
Bombs/Licorice reduced/eliminated
No tickets needed

Can still sync with Facebook--first sync you need to uninstall facebook app. Once first sync is done you can reinstall Facebook app and game will sync properly until you sign out of Facebook in Candy Crush, then you will have to repeat, uninstalling Facebook to get sync to work properly. Pain in the butt but this is heavily modded and be happy sync works at all lol

This will be the base version and updated as new version come on the play store. Subsequent versions .1,.2 and so on will have stuff added or taken away as described IN ADDITION to what I have already done to the base version. I work on this between official updates and may decide to give everyone something a little different from time to time.
Manual Step:

First off, if you can make a backup.

Rooted users: backup original with titanium or myback up, will need to restore data later. Uninstall original Candy Crush, install CCU3, play first game and close, do not try to sync Facebook yet. Now restore Candy Crush data only from backup you made earlier, reboot phone, open game, let sync or sign into Facebook and profit.

Non rooted users: uninstall original Candy Crush and Facebook app, install CCU3 and log into Facebook through CCU3 only. Will not work if Facebook is installed, it will tell you CCU3 can't connect. After the first sync you can install Facebook app, it will still sync until you sign out in game.



Credit To: CrewFUBAR & Hackberry070

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Perhaps you can upload it into the downloads system?

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Pls update it...


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