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Best Android Emulator For Cheat Engine

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So, I was trying to hack a Android game,


I downloaded few Emulators to try:


The Game was detecting LD Player as Emulator.


Then I downloaded BlueStacks & BS Tweaker, changed IMEI & Android Id of the emulator but even that was detecting as Emulator. I played a offline match - CE was able to find score values but as soon as I change the value in CE it reset to its original.


Then I downloaded MEMU & changed IMEI, Attached CE to MemuHead... : The game was not detecting as Emulator & also I was able to change values (Without Physical or Mapped Memory Scan)


So I just want to know why MEMU works as normal but not this emulators.

And does anybody know what are the other Emulators that works out of the box in CE & compatible with most of the CE functions !


Sorry for my English & Thanks in advance !

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Better use Cheat Engine forums for questions connected with it.

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