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Help in *Trials Frontier*

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Hey guys I Just hacked the coins of trial Frontier game but i cannot edit the exact value.

The value is xor encrypted so i found it with encrypt search.

I Try to find the xor key with putting coin value. But whenever the coin value changes the encryption changes. I can't find the xor key plz help me 😞

check out these scren shots






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what are you doing to get the XOR key?

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There is an encrypted Value 

Like example  i get two result in encrypt search -

1253738377 (encrypt)

890    (Original coin value)

i clicked on encrypted coz whenever i edit 890 it comes back to original again.

So try to find xor key and clicked on encrypt value.clicked down and clicked on xor=??? Option, entered original coin value then clicked ok then the value pop up which i copied as xor key then i again edit encrypt value puted value as i want like 999999 and choosed cor key which i copied but still it's not exact it is much different as i edited.

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