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    Please update your script it is not working with current updated GG. SEE IN THE ATTACHMENT . THANKS.
    Nice work dude love it , script works perfectly. . . No ban I used all option of the scripts.
  1. Dude here is mine check the video ! Just created for u might help u!
  2. Hi, I used your attached script and my account is ban when I'm using color hack. So I thought , I let u know that ?
  3. Thank u so much ,it work now doesn't crash now , Cheers keep hacking ?
  4. Thanks for quick response, Yes in GG ptrace is off as it show in screenshot , I'm not able to understand how to check root status that is perfectly hidden or not , please explain in detailed. ? By the way I'm using 625 chipset ?.
  5. Hi, Done as u said . But game crash when I use color or wallhack. Thanks. Is it possible can u send me your script I would like to see if that works ? That will be a great help!
  6. MI A1 _______________________________________________ added 1 minute later Yes bro exactly. Same problem I don't know why ?
  7. I'm using rooted mobile since last 8months and hacking Pubg since then with the help of GG and scripts . So tell me another solution . Thanks.
  8. Hi, Everyone from this evening 3 pm Indian time, Pubg getting close everytime when I use any scripts with GG on my rooted mobile. All though before it is working great , I don't know why, CAN anyone suggest anything. THANKS ?
    Trash do not use this .. . My account is ban.
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