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  1. hName of Game: Covet FashionPlay Store Link (If it's a paid app, the apk): https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.crowdstar.covetfashionVersion: Latest : 3.25.73What cheat? Health, xp, gold...: Cash, Diamonds, TicketsHave you tried cheating this game? What happened?: I tried but it doesn't seem to work. Comments: Maybe someone can make a modded apk for it or if anyone has found one already would be nice if you'd share
  2. Trxshy_666


    Why loading my processes has become so slow in the latest version?
  3. Didn't work for me. Tried running the script before and after i get into a fight for cash
  4. Gonna try this today Does this work only with bots like the other hacks with gg?
  5. Esp works fine, other two don't work for me
  6. The game got updated bro it detects gg no matter what Any ideas
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