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  1. If u have enough gold u can use data hack. http://www119.zippyshare.com/v/ebggCL8Q/file.html Read instructions file for help.
  2. My Facebook username is Ajay Gaming. And i'm very busy till 10 May. So i can't get enough time to update the script. Also the game is updated to 2.9.3. They might have patched the hack. I haven't tried. I will look into it if possible. When i get some free time, i will definitely try.
  3. Don't worry. I'll be looking into it tomorrow. I'm still very busy.
  4. U can use data hack. https://gameguardian.net/forum/topic/19111-nfs-no-limits-285/?tab=comments#comment-69543&searchlight=1 Read instructions file after extracting the zip file.
  5. Try some more times. It will work 100%.
  6. U can use root checker to see if it is rooted or not. U can contact me on kik messenger. My username is : BikeRaceAjay.
  7. Have u rooted ur bluestacks? If not then root it. It's very easy.
  8. Do u get that error while game is loading? And why don't u just root ur android phone?
  9. I haven't tried latest version. But bluestacks is good. Rooting bluestacks is also very easy.
  10. I think that's why it is not working. Which emulator are u using to hack the game? I suggest bluestacks emulator.
  11. Yeah. If u have time u can send a video here. I don't know why the game stops working for u. It may be your phone problem.
  12. Wrong values mean u didn't follow instructions. Are u sure u did same as told. Tell me how u did it.
  13. Of course it needs root. Do u even know what gameguardian is?
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