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  1. @AjayP man no luck on bluestacks 3. I can download games in it but it cant connect to the internet when playing ?
  2. I'll try using bluestacks later.. are the newer versions any good? Im using Memu as it has a root access
  3. @AjayP The file is 30mb in size. Im using an emulator in my laptop.
  4. Yes. I can send you a video of it. I cant get it to work. @AjayP
  5. Open the nfs no limits and GG (set the filter to 1000) Waited for the second load screen to pause. Executed the file and opened exclusive hack. Input the value 165 and then the weird thing is when loading the hack it says NFS has stopped I clicked OK then. After the load has stopped it says wromg value.
  6. Ive tried the exclusive hacks @AjayP but it doesnt work. It says found wrong value even though I typed it correctly (my gold 165). The money hack ive tried it said 'succesful' but my money hasn't change
  7. Going to try it later. The gold crates have no issues. But the money crates does. It makes the game slow.
  8. Got the script going. Crates and tuners are working but the Exclusive hacks arent. Hoping for an update.
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