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  1. Are you saying you got a virus and you want someone here to fix your computer? If so that is some funny stuff, always scan files you download before installing them on any device. That being said I wouldnt touch those files in that link with a 20 foot pole
  2. BadCase


    Ya I just updated it again to fix the error some users where getting try downloading it again
  3. MKX ha been updated and from the looks of it everything is now server sided, I doubt anything can be done with it now. i will be adding a pacybirds hack to the pacybits script later today
  4. Yeah NoFear and I are working on adding it to the script, hopefully tomorrow,
  5. It is in the script launcher now BadCase's Script Launcher (#5vkp70uo)
  6. pretty sure that is server sided but not 100% sure
  7. BadCase


    Are you asking how to use the script?
  8. ya doesnt look great for MKX at the moment, it seems that most things are server sided now but NoFear said he will take a look too
  9. For issues related to the scripts particularly Donor issues please contact me on my Discord server https://discord.gg/n6TdrSK , The PES 2019 script is in the script launcher BadCase's Script Launcher (#5vkp70uo) Select "Donor Script PES 2019" and enter your username and password from badcase.org to use the script, if you are unable to login to the script contact me on Discord or via Private Message and let me know the username you chose when you created your account before donating.
  10. I have a script for this in beta that i was supposed to test a couple weeks ago but i keep getting sidetracked so im not sure if this will get you banned or not, hit p also has this in his new script launcher. I am pretty sure that this part is safe but messing with adding stars the wrong way might get you banned
  11. With all the projecting you should consider opening up a movie theater....
  12. Wow thats what you got out of that, thanks for confirming for everyone that your a complete idiot,...
  13. lol you seem to be slightly confused as to how things work, its ok when you get to middle school they should have some sex ed classes for ya
  14. ROFLMAO ya soo gay that im married with 3 kids and your punk ass is stuck fapping to internet porn, CmP contributes to this community you on the other hand run your mouth to people and act like using GG's logging and unluac makes you special, PS from all your attachments you do seem to be obsessed with homo's not sure if the vato's in the video are more gay than your friends in the gif its a toss up
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