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  1. I don't understand why we need that host file, do we need to play only against bot to make this script work?
  2. I came because notification on my email that you trashtalking and asking for something which does NOT belong to you (glad that you've edited it, still your original post remains in everyone's mail, so please be careful and respectful). Even tho the forum is free, but the manner is a must.
  3. As expected from you, tell us some hints at least... pls @NoFear
  4. Hmm, after doing some modification using GG, i am unable to join multiplayer. Am i getting banned?
  5. You have to set the 0.4 speed manually as Enyby said, just add 0.4; between numbers. You have to see example in here : If your problem is not this one, we might need a mind reading section to understand you @asimraza
  6. @NoFear Can you please pm me too for the trick? Thanks,
  7. Don't use any skin and don't buy any item, also the emblem affects HP and attack, so it will be different on every players. For network error probably you use speed mode? i am not really sure.
  8. Exactly, You will have network error when your device tries to sync with server. This sync perhaps happen every 1-2 minutes. So if you use this cheat, you have to win before syncronization occured. Also, This hack will force you to enter single player instance. Replacing all players to bot when your hit connects to turret/monster/enemies. I don't know if someone get this method works, but when i tried and win, server synced on main page and i reconnected to the actual match.
  9. I guess your script is scanning basic attack and changes it to high value. It wont work if we buy item before scan. Or if we use skin since it adds damage.
  10. you can hack, then it gonna force close. How it sounds to you?
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