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  1. Can any one tell me in detail about game guardian all memory range
  2. i am trying to hack shadow fight 2 coin value i search the value using dword and get 1 result but when i change value my game is crash ... i dont know how xor work and why we use xor ... can any one tell me all about xor and why we need it and how i know i have to xor now
  3. I have a working solution For android 11 use this link to download all files https://mega.nz/file/dK41jKST#Eq1YkuaQAzfPUl1laSMsCH3y--zbOiGYDEu1SfzRztE In this folder u get a modified Parallel space install all and use , working good For more help u can watch my video But (my video is in Hindi language because i am from India so if u can understand Hindi u are good to go ) video link :-
  4. Q:1 Does ludo king store coin and diamond value on the server? Q:2 can we scan ludo king coin and diamond value using game guardian (xor search or encrypted value search ) Q:3 What value in ludo king store on client side Q:4 can we hack ludo king dice value with game guardian ( in online mode )
  5. i am using game guardian app and its great ... i want start to end tutorial about game guardian every single option and how i use them i don't want old tutorial with some old game make a new tutorial about full game guardian tool ... and if any one have full tutorial about how we make a script in game guardian from scratch every method explain please give me .. and any one have game guardian ebook
  6. what is your channel name and can u tell me what to do with dump.cs after finding it how to use it to hack game .. I found dump.cs from free fire then what i have to do to make changes in free fire
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