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  1. @BadCase Can i have your script/launcher? I can't find it anywhere. Thanks.
  2. Fatel5

    Pokemon Quest

    You can easily hack tokens by searching the vaule of tokens with "dword search" simply search the present value then increase or decrease the vaule by spending them. Repeat until you only get 1 vaule..change it to less than 99999. Then buy whatever decorations you want from the shop. ?
  3. Fatel5

    Pokemon Quest

    For me i used the speed hack to get new pokemons which you get free after few hours.
  4. Fatel5

    Pokemon Quest

    @NoFear Sir, care to tell us how to hack levels. i was able to hack tokens but failed to hack pokemon level and ingredients. Thankyou ?
  5. It works only with the latest version of gamegaurdian..I have successfully hacked all the above three items and no ban yet..Online multiplayer is also working..Thumbsup @Enyby
  6. Did you set the search memory ranges to anonymous only?
  7. As far as i know you cannot access the vault in the beta version of the game. Farewell.. :-)
  8. Hello Guys! Well In-game Money, Energy and Skill Points can be easily hacked by using the below steps. :-) For energy there are two methods 1- (The Easy One) Search for 300 double. You'll get below 20 results. Just select them all and edit their values to 0.001. You'll get unlimited energy till you exit the game. 2- (The Hard One)Set the memory search ranges to only "Anonymous". Now simply Double search the energy you have right now. Wait for few minutes or reduce the energy by going to places then search the new value then you'll get only 1 or maxx 2 values select the value and go to its memory block. Now remember to set the "view ranges" to show the "double" values. Now there you can find the various values like the energy, gold, skill point. All of these will be in double type so scroll down and search for the respected values. Now you can not change these values directly as they will reset so first of all suppose you have 93 gold, scroll down the page to find a 'Double' 93 value then change it like 90093 and also add this 900 from the front of the "second value" above this value as in the Screenshot. Am attaching a Screenshot of the selected values in which i have increased my gold with 900 but also increased the above Dword value with 900. Do this step to change energy, gold and skill points. You can test the gold by buying an XP upgrade pack. Energy will reset on restarting the game. SpeedHack also works flawlessly with this game, you can easily use it to decrease the walk time b/w areas thus saving energy or you can you it to decrese the crops production time and can fill bottles in no time BUT YOU'LL ALSO LOWER YOUR FOOD AND WATER LEVELS SO FEED YOURSELF and Check your health while frequently using speedhack. Though Zombies will also kill you faster lol. ? THANKYOU ????
  9. N8Well I got around 20k skill points few weeks earlier after blindly editing the xor values(Stage Editing). I'am not banned yet, have successfully upgrade all the skills to max! and still left with few more thousands ;-)
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