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  1. Jluck


    Dear GG Admin GG is one again not working on iruna online. GG lastest 73.2 is detected by IRUNA ONLINE 4.7.3E. Any one got an solution for the Speed hack? If anyone got a permanent solution to all these update problem, please advice thru below email. Many thanks. jluck8488@gmail.com
  2. Dear Enyby Please Please Please quickly look into GG for IRUNA ONLINE. I cant live without GG and Iruna online.... : Dont let iruna online kick you out....
  3. Great news!!!!! Many Thanks, gg you are the man after all.Great work guys @*@
  4. Tyvm. Hopefully the next gg update is able to solve the problem for game iruna. GG has been working perfectly for this game the past 3months. We prayed for your assistance to us soon.
  5. Sir, i installed your mod above but crashed b4 start! Pleaseeee help.@_@
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