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  1. http://www23.zippyshare.com/v/uGTnQRyS/file.html here's the mod i tried to re-mod ? https://dropmb.com/download/511839c8cfc55bcd1dc8061cbd9aa173.html here's the re-mod and password: ZyNyXume examine the two apk ^^ i don't really want to teach how i did it cause i'm just a nub not a pro gonna delete it soon since GG is back
  2. thanks a lot for this new update 8.31 you guys are awesome!! telling those mmorpg games that no one can stop GG ? _______________________________________________ added 0 minutes later edit .smali as well
  3. hey boss then what do i do or whats the cause of it? when i encounter something like this? gg v8.2.1 android ver: 6 last_run.log
  4. it works before but not anymore see this iruna mods (none of this mods work it's been halted since the last version v2.9.x) latest version of iruna right now is v3.9.3 even if you mod the old version of the game which xigncode isn't included yet it will not let you connect to their servers and btw iruna needs latest obb else it will crash i meant data files not obb sorry for my bad english ? hope you understand what i am explaining
  5. even though i change package name of latest gg it doesn't work on iruna except some old version of gg cause flake is famous there's a high chance that iruna will block it thats why decided to mod my own compare to crisis action Iruna Online can't be modified anymore cause you won't be able to login to any of it's servers once it's been modified either unsigned/signed or maybe i just don't really know how cause i'm just a cheater not a programmer
  6. thats not gonna work tried hide feature about 7 months ago i think and while logging in iruna at the same time i tap GG icon boom!! suddenly xigncode triggered but when hide is off i can use GG without a problem wondered why ? _______________________________________________ added 3 minutes later too bad some clones of GG worked on my game T_T that nub who created Flake GG v8.2.1
  7. xprivacy requires xposed right? which was already been blocked by that game(iruna) long long ago and modifying Iruna results in xigncode automatically triggered/xigncode removed = cannot connect to their servers
  8. yeah they did and thank you very much ?
  9. not the speedhack but the gg itself when the gg is installed on your device that certain game(iruna online) kicks you out but it wasn't like that before
  10. Game Name: Iruna Online gameguardian's not working anymore on iruna online they've updated their security today here's the logcat for iruna the moment i run iruna xigncode triggered resulting no logcat for gg v8.30 tried older version with speed hack not working(kicked me out of the game before anything else either gg is running or not) tried the oldest version the dog icon working but it lacks a lot of things i can't seem to use it T_T Log_2017-08-09_18-40-05.txt
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