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  1. @reed265reed265 I no expert most time it pure luck? However,i will try it.btw i luv this type of game.i could be fun. Let me study it.
  2. @reed265the error will appear once you link the GG and the game.what i do is touch the scree and the error massage will gone.the GG display will switch from ERROR Massage to Search Menu.
  3. @reed265 yesterday i try on my friend acct.i using same method,it works.the ptrace will show and it will restart the game,as result you will see more that 2 process name.Most of time i pick the smallest one.if not working it will game error massage and restart again. It it happen again..i will exit respw and GG and doing it again.
  4. May i know what game is it. Let me give a try.maybe i get lucky..
  5. It great idea.however i want keep it low as possible.if this go public the game developer will go nuts.?
  6. Full Credit to GG Owner and Developer. You guy Rock!!!
  7. Yes. It does. Whenever it happen it will restart itself and the process name will double.from 2 to 4 and keep increase whenever it restart.if there to many process name i just exit the game and do it again
  8. It you said.. trial and error,i follow your tip..use the smallest PId. Now i wanna try to do other acct.see whether i able to do it again.
  9. Hey Guys. I manage to hack it offline.Now i put it back online to save into their server.and we see from there..Thanks Guy!
  10. I'll give a try .. most of time it even can't find the value i want(i use xor and dword most of time).Like u say, try AND error. Hah ah keep working on it.
  11. Thank for reply.. sorry for asking ,what do u mean by *need process with smaller pid* ? By choosing the upper one. May i know does it work?
  12. This is my first post i try to find same issue as mine in forum but fail. This happen after my game update.before this i able to select it on Select Apps Menu.Now it has 2 same apps shows.May i know how to get around this?
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