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  1. frenchiveruti


    It's there a way to backup configs when I install a new version of GG? So it doesn't get the default values
  2. Hello, I've had some luck with this game that while being offline I could give myself a lot of coins thanks to the cooking levels, I would just edit the earned money in a level from like 250, get paid, 260, and then that 260 addresses edit it to like 9000 and at the end of that level I would get 9000 coins. My problem became real when I tried to edit the rubies of the game, when I found the address being offline, and changed the value, seems like the game prevented any edits of the values by making the rubies amount 0, which is awful because now I don't have any rubies and acquiring them is really difficult. So, did anyone have any luck with the rubies of this game? Thanks. I'm using game guardian 82 on a rooted device.
    It does not work on the latest version of the game. The script searches for something, but doesn't find anything.
  3. Thanks it doesn't work, can you please update it?
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