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  1. I did try as well.. I couldn't find anything. I'll give a few more tries.
  2. I did try as well, it kept closing on mine as well.. :/ But since the value can't be found easily, they must have been encrypted into some weird numbers. The best way is to use fuzzy search but it kept closing on me so I don't know if that method will work
  3. What group would you like to be in? GameGuardian Team Why should you be in that group? Because I like helping people with hacking, if I can I will help them as much as I can. Will you remain active? I'm online most of the days anyway! I check this forum regularly (usually). Do you use proper grammar? I do try.. Well, I'm not English but I do speak proper English.. If you know what I mean What is your experience with root apps/flashing/GG? I do try my best to hack or cheat the game that can't easily be cheated but then I don't really have much knowledge on modding and hacking the proper apk itself? (if that's what you asking) But whatever games I play, I will use GG to hack it Not to spoil the fun, but to see if it is hackable
  4. Why don't you download the patch file of Frontline patcher and patch the frontline comanndo and get 999,999,999 glu coins and use it in this game? wouldn't it be easier?
  5. What "file" are you on about?? The modded file or the patcher file?
  6. Right try this... Go in the game, buy some K points thing - get however much you want. Go in the K-Shop > Package and buy gold bags (there are 2 bags for you to buy one is 300K and another is 150K, the 300K bag will give you 400,000 gold and the 150K will give you 200,000 gold.
  7. Does this not work...? http://gameguardian.net/forum/files/file/71-legend-of-master-3/
  8. It's probably because they have updated the game to a new version (currently 2.0.2) but the method above is probably working for 1.0.6 only. If you wanna hack the glu coins (I say this to everyone who's trying to hack glu cions by glu games), might as well use the frontline patcher to get 999,999,999 glu coins and use it then. There's probably more things to do but that method is guaranteed to work - it worked for me anyway
  9. P3RCY

    Aby Escape

    Here you go! http://www56.zippysh...66106/file.html I hope it works. I never share TiBkp file before (:
  10. P3RCY


    mhmm.. i know what you mean but i can't really say anything until i have tried it myself. :\ but if i was gonna do it I'd just do a fuzzy search and every time the time increases, i will pause the game and search larger and repeat that until i find the result :S But if you've already done that then.. Im not sure if i can help anymore
  11. P3RCY


    He meant to say "thanks" but I don't really understand why he would say that :\ :: I'd help you but my phone is not compatible :S
  12. What I usually do is save the image file on to my computer and reupload it on image hosting site provided by GG. If you just copy the image file straight from the Play Store website, it won't work like that it's cus they are being difficult Well, that's what I do and what I think anyway! (:
  13. Sounds great (: I'll be waiting!
  14. Ohhh awesome! What do you mean by Cracked? Do you mean it's a full version apk instead of a lite? O:
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