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  1. goodbyetoyou i did not use a speed hack for magizoology level, just do as the friend mode to max it and the creature level. I also gain about 10k of trophy (i want to have a low profile) as the same method of any currency and now i am in the firsth position of the house pride event. Follow the guides!
  2. I maxed everything, after maxed the notebook i olso maxed all the new magic creature that i bought and the magi-zoologist lev (max10). But i have a question: is it possible to modify the house point? I want to try to finish this house pride event as soon as possible
  3. MIABI you have right!! It work, i finally change notebook! Thanks a lot. The procedure is the same for money or friend point. You have to spend some book or earn some to refine the search. I had 54 brown notebook and i spent 10 to try if it works, and it works. At the end i have only 2 result (of 44), i tried with one and it works. Now i am waiting the new event to earn some red or blue notebook so i can change that value too. For the yellow one, i have to wait untill i power up the creature (give only one yellow book) and i think it will be a little more hard.
  4. With currencies i did a n= 0+D becouse it add some values, but with notebook i spend it so they decrease. What option i have to choose?
  5. Can you tell us, step by step, how did you change notebook currencies? I can’t even search it
  6. miabi Sorry but i don't know how direct reply to your message. I Hope you see this message. Yes, i upgrate to the level 10 about 5-6 friend. I have almost 6 milions of gems and i went to hogsmeade to take a beer with any friend. This is the procedure: -Do an unknown Dsearch -Complete all the talk question and press COLLECT (now you collect 105 friend point) -Do a N = 0 + D search and put 105 (because you collect 105 point) -Restore with gems (maybe 82 gems) the friend-talk quest to do another one -Complete the new friend-talk question and press COLLECT (now you collect 105 friend point again) -Do a N = 0 + D search and put 105 (because you collect 105 point) - At this time you have 1 (max 2) result that are your total friend point, go to the relative command line - PAUSE THE GAME -change the Dvalue into 60000 ( i select 60000 because some friend required more than 50000 point to complete - Diego Caplan) -Go to the 4th line and change the Dvalue in 60000x8 -PLAY THE GAME -Spend gems to do another friend-tall quest -Complete the quest and Collect the 105 friend point FINISH: now it goes automatically on the friend level 10 To do another friend, make a NEW Unknown D-Search and follow this steps again Now please, someone that can explain me how to change NOTEBOOK value!!!
  7. indalovestony I DID IT, amazing thanks But i have the same problem with notebook. In the first search (with 1,920,234,561;1,953,849,961;1,702,129,518;1,802,465,122;76B;49B;5;5;1,701,539,668::121) there is no result. When i got the error was because in italy the "," is for decimal so i change all the number with the "," with "." (example 1,920,234,561 in 1.920.234.561) No Fear what can we do to find some result as you?
  8. lindalovestony Please can you create a short video to explain how did you do the attribute and friend levels? Or some screen-shot guide. Thanks
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