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  1. have you got a calculation file for elite heros? you only gave one for legendary heros so i cant figure codes out or anything, i followed same steps for elite as i did legendary in calculation file and it just gives me negative numbers to find in the search list...
  2. You will not see this game modded, its a server sided game, would take months to even scratch the surface, and by this point any ground made altering it in anyway would probably be patched...
  3. hey guys, non game related, BUT, i have a samsung galaxy s4, and i recently (few days ago) rooted my phone using odin software, this may be related or not, but a few days down the line (today) my phone has encountered a problem, it keeps on restarting itself over and over again if the screen times out, if i make a call, or if i press the lock button, was just wondering is this related to me rooting my phone? or is it something else? and if so is there anyone at all online here that can help me sort it out, or give me some direction on how to fix this problem myself? please someone reply straight away as i need my phone for a sat nav tomorrow morning.. thanks in advance guys.
  4. Could I ask you next tutorial vid to be really simple please and easy to folliw from the start for those of us who arent naturals.. thanks
  5. Well spoken tobii! Couldnt of put it better myself!
  6. only managed to change my druids hero score (might) other than that couldnt figure anything out, and within 30 secs of hero score being changed the game forced closed..
  7. ive tried doing this hack numerous of times, and cant quite get a grip of it, only got my VIP yesterday, specifically for this hack, and im a bit disappointed i cant do it, tried to follow the steps as closely as possible but had no luck what so ever, is there a chance you could make a more clearer tutorial, i know use probably cant stand the likes of me that have no exp what so ever on hacking etc but hay, thought id ask anyway, when i search for the first code, it doesnt show any results for it, so i dont know what to do from there on in, tried to search individually for heroes might but that didnt work either, so im at a dead end if someone could help id be really grateful, and finally be satisfied with paying for VIP, maybe if i give my heroes and there levels someone could point me in the right direction; Druid - LVL 78 heroes score - 592 Paladin - LVL 70 heroes score 572 Executioner - LVL 70 heroes score - 422 Assassin LVL 70 - heroes score 389 Ice demon - LVL 70 heroes score 404 IM sorry to come across as a noob etc just hoping for some "help/tutorial for dummies" thank-you
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