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  1. ahh now i get it, when you input a value you're supposed to PUT N at each iteration, but what i was doing was just putting D as if its N .. idk how it worked but thank you for the explanation, this makes everything clear
  2. i don't know if i am doing something wrong, as you're the one with the superior knowledge here. but what i did was search for whatever amount i earned that session.. E.G first i do an unknown search, then lets say i earned 5 gold, then i do N=0+D by inputting the value 5 and each time i only add whatever amount i earned and not the total earned.. so lets say next i earned 4 i just input 4 not 9.. was this correct? it ended up working tho
  3. never mind guys, i made it work.. they indeed did make a patch for it, BUT it only added another value that is close to your original value but not quite it.. so just edit that instead
  4. i have tried both of these methods FOR NEW ACCOUNTS Dword search, 50x8. (Can keep searching value until you get to reward to help eliminate values) Earn the first 50. Search 100x8. Should have 1 result. Goto address. You are at the xor value. Above is xor key and above that is dword value. So, pause game with GG, edit xor value to something like 12345x8. Edit Dword to be 12345. Values need to match, or game will crash. FOR EXISTING ACCOUNTS (IF YOU SPENT GOLD) Unknown Dword search. Earn gold. Unknown Dword, click more and do the N=O+D and put for value how much gold you earned. You can also do a known search and put a range. So if you have 500 gold and you think you've spent liked 100, do dword search of something like 500~800. Keep doing these searches until you have 1 or 2 results. You'll see the correct value have same layout as my video. Below the gold is the gems. but none are working, is it patched or something? and i am sure i havent spent any gold yet
  5. btw do you happen to know if it is possible to edit gems or gold? i know it will not work directly, but perhaps by editing quest values?
  6. you will have my thanks good sir
  7. i'll be waiting as well xD
  8. thats pretty nice, did you find anything else?
  9. anyone else found anything regarding this game? thanks
  10. i have tried XOR search, the same method from HAWK but it didn't work sadly.. or perhaps im doing something wrong, but its simply not working for me.. good luck guys
  11. hey, do you think HQ stats like production and crafting can be edited? i have tried so many times using GG but never had any luck
  12. i am even willing to pay for stuff like dna and helix. any amount as long as its working
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