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  1. Does this makes, any virtual optimize for gg and andlua+ ?? Pls reply!
  2. Try VirtualXposed, ParallelSpace, MultiSpace, Dualspace....
  3. Please make Gg optimised version of Parallel Space - Virtual Android ( ~600mb) Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.pspace.vandroid Or Atleast Say How to optimise pls @enyby pls reply!.
  4. UFOGaminG

    Virtual Xposed

    Virtualxposed target sdk is 23. (MIN=21) So apps/games must support lollipop or marshmallow to run. If games won't support specified sdk versions then dont think about that apps to run in vi.rtual Solution is parallelspace.* Virtualxposed works in all sdk versions that doesn't means that sdk is 29/28* If app force close then edit NewHomeActivity.smali If u want any help in modifying, pm me. Your problem can be fixed by app developer only/any experts! (My suggestion is try ps) Due to this we cant run injector also!
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