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  1. It has worked before but now I am getting script expired message.. Log attached. rr3_rewards_hack.v8.
  2. ROW = Rest Of the World In your script you have Racing 3 com.ea.games.r3_na 8.7.0 For those not in North America it will be Racing 3 com.ea.games.r3_row 8.7.0
  3. Script only for rr3 North America..Does not work for row. Cannot post in cheats section. No idea why. @impy cheat also works for driver level. 1000;5000;12000;25000;40000;65000;100000::48 DWORD Set all to 1.
  4. @MarioRossi93i..thank you..Looking forward to your combo script. Will be awesome..:)
  5. @MarioRossi93i..wish I looked here earlier..:) Figured it out myself. Attached. rr3_freeze_bots.v2.0.lua_g5aMCy_-1bMIOO.log.txt
  6. @MarioRossi93i..sorry I am a noob at this..where would I find the log? I looked around but cannot find it..
  7. Thank you for your efforts. Unfortunately does not work for me. Tried both standing start (F1) & rolling start (GT3 2020). Screenshot attached. ( no bots found)
  8. Sorry couldn't test yesterday. Freeze does not work in rolling start either. Tried the exact same race as video. Game version 8.5.
  9. Yes..freeze does not work in standing start. Ghost mode works every time. May be an idea to run the freeze routine first before the ghost routine. Thanks for your continued development. Script for ghost also works even if you run it before green light after race loading screen. Noticed in video that it's a rolling start. Will try a rolling start race and report back.
  10. Thanks for the tutorial..tried it and works treat.. Tried different values 69753, 67953, 113953,243953, 999993 etc.and they all seem to work. Noob here so no idea why..I was trying to find the address for the fastest bots in the game..auralpod, Dr.periwinkle and Moises gabby( the very fast one). Any further info on this please?
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