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  1. He is confusing the RaceMode script with the AutoWin script.
  2. "In fiscal year 2020, EA posted GAAP net revenue of $5.5 billion."
  3. In Real Racing 3 tap on the Gear button at the bottom left corner of the screen, to open up the Settings menu. From here, tap the Screen button, switch between KM/H (metric) and MPH (imperial).
  4. If it is possible please make the rr3_race_mode.v9.0.1 script super fast too. Thank you and Happy Christmas
  5. Formula 1: 150;300;600;900;1.350;1.950;2.550;3.300;4.350;5.550;7.050;9.000::45 Formula E and GTE: 375;750;1.125;1.500;1.875;2.250;2.625;3.000;3.750;4.500;5.250;6.000::45 NASCAR: 160;320;660;1.000;1.340;1.680;2.165;2.665;3.330;4.000;4.830;6.000::45
  6. Thank you for this amazing script, quick, easy, working flawless, Italians do it better
  7. Yes it is editable, but indirectly. For example if you reduce the silver from 14820 to 14720 you will have 132 others. You have to exit and re-enter the profile every time to be able to see the changes made. Oui, il est modifiable, mais indirectement. Par exemple, si vous réduisez l'argent de 14820 à 14720, vous en aurez 132 autres. Vous devez quitter et ressaisir le profil à chaque fois pour pouvoir voir les modifications apportées.
  8. If I understand you, you can't do it directly. The difference between total races and gold, silver, bronze, will be other races.
  9. The left side is OK, I have the same numbers in my profile. You need to correct the values on the right side only.
  10. As I said, these are two different things. On the left are the trophies. You can only win one trophy per race. On the right the races made and the rewards won. You can win only one trophy (gold, silver or bronze) in a new race (left side), but more gold, silver, bronze or other (fourth place or more) if you repeat the same race several times (right side). A realistic profile can look like this: on the left: 11965 gold, 0 silver, 0 bronze, 11965 total, on the right: 65538 gold (or much more), 14820 silver (or much less, it can be 0, must be 0 on the left too), 7949 bronzes (or much less, it can be 0, must be 0 on the left too), 300 others (at least 300 or more, never 0), 88607 total races.
  11. Because on the left are the trophies you won, and on the right the races you did. They are two different things.
  12. it doesn't work for me either, You can do a Dword group search and change the values to your needs. Search for gold, silver, bronze, total races. For example in your case: 65535;14420;7949;65535::13
  13. ...and total races must be the sum of gold, silver, bronze and other to look right. in this case 88304 instead of 65535.
  14. Hi MarioRossi93i, can you please help me to find the values of total trophies and distance traveled? They are hidden somewhere, I have tried many times but I can't find them. Thank you for all the work you do, have a nice covid-19 free time.
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