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  1. New verisions released: and S Use 2nd if 1st doesn t work for you rr3_race_mode.v9.
  2. Real Racing 3 Formula E Battery Power Hack (#4ooi74xr)
  3. Here is a version tested on latest bluestacks, let me know if there are isssues rr3_player_level_hack_for_bs.v9.
  4. maybe in the furure i ll fix it, meanwhile i suggest to use other emulator/vs to run script, then you can play with prefered one
  5. U can use this version Real Racing 3 (9.0.1) Currency Hack (R$,Gold,M$) (#c20ptkna)
  6. Just create other google or fb account, login to your account and play. Anyway limits for the script are 2147483647, enought?
  7. New version released: - added enable/disable function - super fast
  8. sorry for curiosity what version of bluestacks and gg are you using? Merry Christmas to you too!
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