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  1. I have been wondering how to make A invisible hack . I found that when i change the sit value in a game and try to sit or crouch . Then it througs me into air and i am floating in sky . I can move and even kill players but it seems other players can't see me . It is soo good when i am able to move and even kill but others can't see me . So does anyone knows about invisible hack . How to find it and how it works. Thanks in advance
  2. Vedio -- https://t.me/Hackers_House_YT/45 Need more tutorials or chat support? Come here Telegram chanel -- https://t.me/Hackers_House_YT Telegram group chat -- https://t.me/Hackers_House_YT_chat_group #11th Tutorial Title:- How To Find Unlimited Mag Size Hack Example app detail:- App:- Mini Militia Link:-https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.appsomniacs.da2 Value type:- Dword Memory range :- Ca Download simple example script of mini miltia with these codes and practice to change codes for find value:- Health Hack Speed Run Hack Bullet Rain Unlimited grenede Unlimited mag size Download all Codes Link:- ---- https://gameguardian.net/g0YDqT DESCRIPTION The Mag capacity of gun was 40 . We can't reload gun When mag is full . So we use the same thing to find value faster. We will search 40. Now we will take 1000 results and edit them to 41 . We edit to 41 because if we edit it to tooo much high value game will crash. Now when i edit it with 41 - my reload option became available. It means game thinks our mag size is 41 and we have 40 bullets which enabled our reload option . If your game don't have reload enabling only on need. Then you have to reload bullet and see what is your mag size. SO I reverted all values and take half . And repeat process until i found the value . Then i edit mag size to 100000000 . Now i don't have to reload mag because all bullets are loded . Now you can fire 100s of bullet continuesly. If you don't know Why i took Ca and Dword during search because i found the bullet value at same place . Watch vedio To understand. Next vedio is on item replace.
  3. Mostly we don't use byte for group search . We use near float or dword value . But byte was working for this game so why not to throw same value in tutorial.
  4. Better come at telegram chat . It's hard to chat here
  5. Vedio https://t.me/Hackers_House_YT/20 Need chat support or more turorials? Come here Telegram chanel -- https://t.me/Hackers_House_YT Telegram group chat -- https://t.me/Hackers_House_YT_chat_group Vedio Tutorial 3 :- Title :- How to fool game and get coins even if it has good protection. Example app detail :- App:- World Conquare 3 Link:- https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.easytech.wc3 Memory range :- CA ValueType :- Dword Encripted :- No Description In vedio no 2 we see that when we change medals it doesn't work and shows us fake value which we can't use. But we can not accept defeat. Thing is simple if we can't hack the coins we have hack the coin we get . It means hack the prize of game . Or price of items . If you change a price of item to -9999 then .when you buy the item you will get coins insted of loosing it. In this game also we hacked medals it didn't work so we hacked the prize we get after completing level and now we can buy anything in game . Let me explain the vedio. Here i saw that when we complete a level we get 50 medals 50 and 280 other items. And from the previous vedio i already know that the value was in ca . Now this three (50 50 280) are our prizes we get after winning match so they must have some relationship with each other. In other words these values must be near to each other. So now i searched 50;50;280:10 the first 3 are our prizes and the 10 is the distance between them . I didn't know what's the distance between them so i tried 10 . If i don't find value with 10 then i will try 20 30 100 1000. etc. Now after search i got some values but when i edit it to toooooo much high value then it gets negative and we don't need that so i edit it with 5-6 .9 . So that our value don't get negative. Now i completed the level and boom i have unlimited medals. This was my private hack . Means you will not find this hack in YouTube or telegram. Many people made fake hacking vedio about this game which are fake medals and some hack very old version. But i made it public for you. Watch the vedio full
  6. Vedio https://t.me/Hackers_House_YT/22 Need chat support or more tutorials ? Come here Telegram chanel -- https://t.me/Hackers_House_YT Telegram group chat -- https://t.me/Hackers_House_YT_chat_group Tutorial Vedio No 4:- Title:- Find health hack in almost all games . Example app detail :- App :- servival Simulator Link:-https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.catsbit.survivalsimulator Memory Range:- Anonymous ValueType :- Float Encripted :- No Health value :- 100 F when full Description In this game the health is shown to us but we don't exactly know what value is it . So at first we do fuzzy search with float because most time unknown value are mostly searched in float. If you don't find in float do Dword . Double and others . After that i jumped from high area and got some damage and then went to gg and searched decreased. Now the health started to regenerate slowly. So i did increased for some time and i repeated until i got some 40 values which were hard to refine . All 40 values can't be the health value . And there is about. 0.00001 % chance of health value being negetive so to get only positive and non zero value i searched . 1~10000000000 . Now i got 7 values which i could not refine . So i edited them all and feeeze . I freeze because the total health was only 100. so even if i edit 99999999999 and lose 1 health i will go to 100 health . So i freezed it insted. Now i have health hack. Sometimes you get only 1 value and when you edit it nothing happens . Game don't crash and don't show fake health. It simply don't work even when freezed. And that's the story for vedio 5. Watch vedio to understand.
  7. Need chat support or more tutorials? Come here Telegram chanel -- https://t.me/Hackers_House_YT Telegram group chat -- https://t.me/Hackers_House_YT_chat_group Tutorial No 9 :- Title :- How to manage values / convert Values to a good script Example app detail :- App Name :- Local warfare portable Link :- https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.OldProduct.LocalWarfarePortable Memory range :- Anonymous Value type :- Float Speed run value :- 12F Description I found a value in game which is 12 float which is speed run value. now i want to convert it to well managed script . So tap value and tap goto . Now take some screenshot . Done . You can see the screenshot below this post. Lets make a managed value . I saw this in screenshot. 64B -- Value upside of speed run 65B -- Value upside of speed run 12F -- Speed run value 64B -- Value below speed run value Now here B means byte and F means float . Our main value is 12 Float . This is in ordered maner . Now we will add them together. 64B;65B;12F;64B We got this while combining all values . Now we need to tell game guardian that this values are in ordered way. 64B;65B;12F;64B:: Last :: means that this values are assembled in ordered way. Now we need to tell gg the distance between this values . 64B;65B;12F;64B::5 The values were near so i gussed 5 . If it doesn't work make it higher like 10 20 or more. Now time to write An script. gg.clearResults() -- This will clear all results available in gg . It clear ups room for new search. gg.setRanges(gg.REGION_ANONYMOUS) -- we found the value in A which is Memory range . Now gg will search only in Anonymous which means faster search. gg.searchNumber("64B;65B;12;64B::5" ,gg.TYPE_FLOAT) --- gg will search this value we already found the value . Now we write float here because Float is our main Value type . Our main value is 12 as float. gg.refineNumber(12 ,gg.TYPE_FLOAT) -- we need 12 only so gg will now delete other results and take 12 only. gg.getResults(100) -- gg will take the first 100 results and edit them only . Let us consider your value comes at first 5 results so no need to edit all values . Just take 5 values and edit to avoid crash of game. gg.editAll(80 ,gg.TYPE_FLOAT) -- this will edit all values to 80 gg.clearResults() -- clears search results gg.toast("SPEED RUN ACTIVE ") -- gives user an message that hack is active This is our script now gg.clearResults() gg.setRanges(gg.REGION_ANONYMOUS) gg.searchNumber("64B;65B;12;64B::5" ,gg.TYPE_FLOAT) gg.refineNumber(12 ,gg.TYPE_FLOAT) gg.getResults(100) gg.editAll(80 ,gg.TYPE_FLOAT) gg.clearResults() gg.toast("SPEED RUN ACTIVE ") This is real value you can try in game.
  8. Thanks but stop up voting in all my post enbay will assume you as my own duplicate account and will ban me
  9. This is the simplest way to flood a lua script log. Many people assume flooding to be blocking but its not . I wrote block in title because many people assume flooding to be blocking . hope pros don't mind. This is strictly for noobs . Pros feel free to share your ideas in reply section.
  10. About colour values.. You will find it in Vedio range but in low end devices or other games it will be found mostly in CA anyway white body colour value can be found in Anonymous. About demage values ... Search the damage of gun amd start editing them to find the value.
  11. Vedio https://t.me/Hackers_House_YT/27 Come for latest tutorials. We are on Telegram Let's chat with me and our community together. Telegram chanel -- https://t.me/Hackers_House_YT Telegram group chat -- https://t.me/Hackers_House_YT_chat_group Vedio tutorial 6:- Title:- How to make autowin hack Example app detail :- App:- World war 3 Link:- https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ladik.modern.warfare.world.war Type :- Dword Memory range :- Anonymous Encrypted :- No Hack :- Auto win Value :- 0 when playing and 256 after win Description We try to make different cheats for wining an match or game but what if we make an auto win hack which will make us win even without playing game. Its easy to make . First i searched some coin values then i found that it was in memory range A and type Dword. So there is a good chance of another value to be in same memory range as same type. Now we don't know what value it is but we know it must change while wining or playing game . First start match do, fuzzy search with Dword. Now win the match . We can tap the value changed but that will take too much time . Millions of values keep changing so it will be hard to find by changed / unchanged only. So there is now 2 condition . When we win match the value must increase or decrease. So we will search increased for now if we don't find then we will do decreased. So after winning match do increased and after starting match do decreased. Repeat it . If u get stuck at some 100 values then . Start match and do decreased and keep doing unchanged until you win match . At last you will get some values now negative values are mostly useless so remove negative values by searching 0~1000000000 . Now save all values and freeze them 1 by one . If you get autowin like i did then boom done . I said i will make vedio on autowin after 500 subs but you gyes didn't shared me . But i am a man of my words so i made this vedio . Watch vedio to understand
  12. Vedio https://t.me/Hackers_House_YT/39 JOIN FOR MORE #10TH TUTORIAL How To Find Bullet rain hack / guns like sniper will fire many bullets like shotgun Example app detail :- Name :- Servival Sumulator Link :- https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.catsbit.survivalsimulator Memory Range :- Anonymous Value type :- Dword Sniper bullet rain value :- 450;1::5 ◀DESCRIPTION▶ Please watch the vedio below this to understand practically. If you don't find vedio below this post come to our telegram chenal. @Hackers_House_YT Group chat @Hackers_House_YT_chat_group Guns like sniper fire a single bullet whereas shotgun fires many bullet . So most of the time our bullet rain value is 1 . But finding value 1 is very hard spically if your game is too much big . Now many of the games will have shotgun and we will take shotgun as an advantage of finding value . In this game shotgun fired 6 bullets and searching 6 gives very much less values than 1 . I took Memory Range Anonymous . If you don't find in Anonymous . Take Ca. if you don't find in ca then check all memory ranges 1 by 1. I searched 6 as Dword . If you don't find in Dword then search in float . Then only search on other value types . I got 10000+ search results when i searched 6 . If i had searched 1 it would give me 100000+ values . Now i took 2000 values and select them all . And edit all to 1 . Now i will fire shotgun to see how many bullet is it firing . Its was still firing 6 bullet . That means these 2000 values are useless . So revert and remove this all values . Revert is compulsory otherwise your game will have good chance to crash. Now i select another 2000 values and continue the process until my shotgun fires 1 bullet . After some edits i found that my shotgun was firing single bullet . (Watch vedio below this post) . Now this 2000 values are useful so this time we only revert them and not remove them . Take exact half 1000 values and edit them . If they are useful revert them and half them . But if they are useless revert and remove them . Now i found bullet rain value of shotgun. But wait what about sniper . Tap the bullet rain value of shotgun and tap goto. Search a unique value near this value . Here i found 450 Dword which was 5 distance away from our bullet rain value 6 . 450 Dword is saved near the bullet rain value . It means it must have some relation with our bullet rain value 6. Now . We also know that sniper fires only 1 bullet . So this 450 Dword could be found near the sniper bullet rain value . So i typed this 450;1::5 Here 1 is our sniper bullet value because sniper fires only 1 bullet. 5 is distance bet 1 and 450. :: means this values are arranged in right order And we gussed this value from our shotgun value . Now i searched 450;1::5 Refine 1 and edit it to 100 . And boom our sniper started firing 100 bullets . Now many times this 450 which is related to shotgun bullet rain value maynot be related with sniper value . But they will be be near to it . Means if the related value like 450 don't work for sniper then search 350 ~ 550 ; 1:: 5 Now refine 1 . You will get less results and can continue editing process . Boom done. Please watch the vedio also and support our chanel.
  13. You hacked the visual value only not the real value. If its an online game the server must have stored the value and editing it in your device will do nothing. However you can try to hack the price or prize and get profit . I have already made a tutorial about it in my telegram chanel so please check that. Telegram chanel -- https://t.me/Hackers_House_YT Telegram group chat -- https://t.me/Hackers_House_YT_chat_group
  14. Ok .firstly you must reinstall original gg latest version without skipping reinstallation. If your game still detects game guardian you must install game guardian as root from vertual space . It must be solved.. If still not solved use X privacy or similar app to bypass running process check by app.
  15. Rxhacker


    Looks like the game has nothing to hack . Maybe it will attract hackers when it will be little better or when multiplayer mod will me avilable.
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